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Wolf Pack Episode 8: Release Date, Recap & Streaming Guide

Wolf Pack Episode 8
A still from Wolf Pack Episode 7

Wolf Pack Episode 8 release date is what fans are hoping to know more of after everything that we saw in Wolf Pack Episode 7 on 9 March 2023. The series throws light on a werewolf fantasy series where we witness a bunch of kids from a local California school get infected after being bitten by a werewolf.

This happened after a wildfire happened in their local forest and forced all the living creatures that hid inside of it to come to the mainland. Back in Wolf Pack Episode 7, titled Lion’s Breath, we saw that Everett has now woken up in his sleep, and what he witnesses is beyond him.

He looks at Baron in his room, although he doesn’t know who he is. As Baron walks out into the house, Everett just follows him. He talks to Everett about how he is not the one killing people and that they are all wrong. Soon, a vision of Phoebe comes on the screen where Everett can interact with her.

She tells him that a wolf does not need a pack to survive, and if he does not like the one he is with right now, he can easily leave and change the pack. Everett also asks who is going to be killed next. In order to tell her, she opens her mouth, but only a tune comes out, and at that moment, we know that it is the same one that Austin had played on his piano with Luna.

Wolf Pack Episode 7 Recap – Lion’s Breath

Later in the episode, we see that Phoebe is dead, and her body is brought to the motel. It is the wolf who does it. Things slip right out of hand when it is Danny who comes across the same when Phoebe is in the bathtub with blood all over the walls and brutally murdered. Soon, the police arrive as well in order to understand the crime scene and find out who has done the deed.

Wolf Pack Episode 8 Release Date, Recap & Streaming Guide

A still from Wolf Pack Episode 7

Ramsey is in the lead, and he wants to talk to Blake about it all. He also wants to have a conversation with all the kids who were present at the party at the same time as Phoebe that night. They were the only ones who saw her alive for the last time, and it only made sense to question them all.

Blake and Everett, who had been warned before, come to her house only to find out the investigation scene and police tapes all over the place meaning the deed has been done. Blake soon goes over to her father in order to find out if Danny is actually okay or not.

Ramsey now wants to talk to Blake about it all, but before he can do so, her dad comes in the middle to talk him out of it and seek a lawyer for their kid. Although, she agrees to talk to the police if they let Danny go out of their custody.

As for Ramsey, he also has a flashback moment. There was a fire in the town earlier as well, almost 20 years ago. It was a wolf, and how the department shot every last one of them but, again, came across yet another one. They assumed that it was the partner of the last wolf they killed. Soon, she turns into a woman and a wolf hybrid and starts killing the team. Well, Ramsey was able to escape from the scene.

Wolf Pack Episode 8 Release Date

Wolf Pack Episode 8 release date is on 16 March 2023. The episode is titled Trophic Cascade. It will drop out on Paramount Plus at 3 AM Eastern Time.

How to Watch Wolf Pack Episode 8

The new episodes of the show, such as Wolf Pack Episode 8, are all available to stream online through the Paramount Plus streaming service. The platform costs 4.99 dollars a month and can even go higher in the tariff rates based upon the needs of the users. Also, internationally, fans need to be careful as to the time and date, which can alter the schedule for you guys.

  • India – 1.30 PM Indian Standard Time (17 March 2023)
  • Australia – 7:00 PM Australian Eastern Daylight Time (17 March 2023)
  • Europe – 8:00 AM Greenwich Mean Time (17 March 2023)
  • USA – 3:00 AM Eastern Time (17 March 2023)
  • Canada – 3:00 AM Eastern Time (17 March 2023)

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