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The Ark Episode 7: Streaming Guide, Time, Release Date & Spoilers

The Ark Episode 7
A still from The Ark on Syfy

The Ark Episode 7 release date is quite soon, and fans are pretty excited about its release after everything that we saw in The Ark Episode 6. The series throws light on a science fiction TV series where we witness a spaceship in the lead which has gone off the course of its orbit.

Now with a very limited supply and fuel, the crew members are trying to navigate in space and find the appropriate help to reach back. In every episode, we see them dealing with a bunch of drama and new problems which mysteriously just start happening.

Back in The Ark Episode 6, titled Two by Two, we saw that the crew was trying to find out about a new fuel. Also, Lt. Lane has come across a new revelation. The William Trust secret is kept aloof from anyone’s knowledge, and finally, we got to understand Lt.

Brice keeps them all in the first place. Various fans have to argue that the subplots and various loose threads really did come together in this episode, and we saw how it could be called the best episode. The crew has created a biodome inside of the spacecraft.

We saw Angus getting all happy and excited from the first harvest, which they have received from the same. But by the end of the episode, things started to look a little less hopeful. The fuel for the ship has kind of ended, and dark secrets are being revealed to us now.

The Ark Episode 7 Release Date, Recap & Spoilers

A still from The Ark on Syfy

The Ark Episode 6 Recap – Two by Two

We saw how Dr. Kabir is not okay. Felix was the one who found out about her while she was stress-cleaning and worrying about all the patients. The thing is, there are no more patients left, and Felix just hopes for her to take some rest.

Although, with the anxiety that Dr. Kabir is having, it looks kind of hard for her to do so. Turns out that she was taking drugs in order to stay awake when her body badly needed rest and sleep. Thus, Felix decided to talk with her about this addiction.

There was a special bond between the two of them, and they talked the whole addiction out as friends and colleagues. Turns out that Dr. Kabir had been abused because all the other doctors were dead, and there could be an emergency where the patients would need her. We are accustomed to seeing Felix stern, but this time, he was soft and nurturing, which was refreshing to watch.

Also, the second part of the episode focused on the secret, which involves lt. Brice, as well as Eva. Lt. Brice is pretty weird around Dr. Kabir. Also, the fact that he passed out soon after Angus was done showing off his harvest was unusual.

The Ark Episode 7 Release Date

The Ark Episode 7 release date is on 15 March 2023. The episode is titled A Slow Death is Worse. It will drop out on Syfy at 10 PM Eastern Time. New episodes release weekly on Wednesdays for fans to watch.

Watch The Ark Episode 7 – Streaming Guide & Time

As mentioned above, the new episodes will release on Syfy at the specified time. They will later also be available to stream online through the channel’s official website. International viewers can use a valid VPN service provider for the same and watch the latest episodes at their designated local time and dates.

  • India – 8.30 AM Indian Standard Time (16 March 2023)
  • Europe – 3 AM Greenwich Mean Time (16 March 2023)
  • Australia – 1 PM Australian Eastern Daylight Time (16 March 2023)
  • USA – 10 PM Eastern Time (15 March 2023)
  • Canada – 10 PM Eastern Time (15 March 2023)

The Ark Episode 7 Spoilers

The Ark Episode 7 is titled A Slow Death is Worse. In this episode, we will witness the crew practically going back in time. While literally floating in space, they will come around something new that makes them aware of how they are not alone. Later in the episode, we will see them getting to know themselves more and learning where it will start at.

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