One Piece Chapter 1092 Spoilers: Kizaru Vs Luffy Gear 5th

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One Piece Chapter 1093 spoilers
One Piece (CC: Oda)

We finally have One Piece Chapter 1092 spoilers, and they are amazing. I have been absolutely itching for a brand new One Piece chapter. It feels like it is been a while since we had two chapters back to back and next week, chapter 1093 will be right behind chapter 1092. 

First off, we have the title of this chapter, “The Tyrant’s Attacking the Holy Land”. Kuma goes on a rampage at Mary Geoise, however, at the same time Akainu appears to stop him. 

This was when Akainu asked Kuma what he was doing right now because he thought that what would a doll that has no consciousness like Kuma want in the Holy Land? 

One Piece Chapter 1092 Spoilers

In this fight, we see that Akainu uses one of his flame attacks, Meigou (Hellhound) to destroy some parts of Kuma’s face and legs. This was the same attack he used while fighting Whitebeard. Kuma doesn’t defend his attack and just runs to disappear somewhere.

It is kind of weird that Akainu, the Fleet Commander of the entire Navy has to come to Mary Geoise to stop Kuma, considering that the Nine Holy Knights were introduced not too long ago. So what are those guys doing at this time?

Kuma went on a rampage

We all saw this coming, we just didn’t know how long it would be until Akainu came into play. This is because we started with Aokiji, he had his fight against Garp and we had his flashback; then Kizaru, we had his flashback last chapter, and then we also have his fight against Luffy here. 

One Piece Chapter 1092 Spoilers
Luffy and Kizaru (CC: Oda/Shueisia)

It was only a matter of time, until Akainu showed up but to fight Kuma? I think it is a little bit one-sided, this is because Kuma without his mind Vs. the Fleet Commander of the Marine, is like Mihawk Vs. Zoro at the Baratie.

Potentially, the most exciting part about this match-up is the fallout in the interaction because there have been so many people who have been speculating over so many years that Dragon and Akainu might have a battle.

This is kind of possible right now because they are around the same age and because there is definitely some history. As Kuma is a part of Revs, I wouldn’t be surprised if Akainu lays down some smack talk about Dragon while he is over there. 

We then get a flashback which shows us the scene after Akainu captured Bonney (Kuma’s daughter), two years ago. This was the continuation part of chapter 595. This was when Akainu held her and revealed to her that it was her dad who willingly under went the modification. 

Kizaru Vs. Gear 5th Luffy

The next bullet point says that back to the Kizaru Vs. Luffy in his Snake Man form, Kizaru kicks Luffy with his powerful attack. This seems like Luffy might be feeling his opponent a little bit because Luffy could have started in Gear 5th but he decided to test Kizaru’s speed. 

One Piece Chapter 1092 Spoilers
Kizaru (CC: Oda/Shueisia)

We also see that Kizaru has the light on both hands and blocks all the attacks from Luffy. As the actual chapter is yet to be released, it appears that both of them are using the Color of Arms Haki.  

This is when Kizaru says to Luffy that he is a very tough-to-fight guy, and that is why there is no wonder that he has defeated the King of the Beasts, Kaido. This was when Kizaru decides to fly away from Egghead Island so that he can prepare for his next big attack. We also see him saying “Speed is Power!”.

After that Kizaru comes back and hits Luffy on his Snake Man form. Because of this attack, Luffy is blown through, “Vegaforce-01”, and accidentally destroys the robot completely, although Franky is still in this robot. 

One Piece Chapter 1092 Spoilers
Sentoumaru (Credit: Toei)

Along with this attack, Kizaru says to Luffy that he has grown so much and asks him not to let so many people hurt that he knows in this mission. When Bonney attacks Kizaru, Kizaru counterattacks where she gets a hit to the barrier of the Egghead Island.

Later after that, we see that Kizaru wraps to the middle of the “Contol Room”, which is in the “Labo Phase”, right next to Vegapunk. 

At the end, we have a double page, where we see that Giant Luffy Gear 5th appear above Kizaru and the Control Room. As the ceiling of the room has already been destroyed, Kizaru can see him there. This was when Luffy grabbed Kizaru with his giant hands (just like what we saw with Kaido).

One Piece Chapter 1092 Spoilers
Luffy from One Piece Episode 1073 (CC: Toei Animation)

Seeing this, the eyes of Vegapunk, Nami, Usopp, and others pop up out of shock, however, Kizaru has a normal face. Along with that, the Ancient Robot’s eyes get powered up after the playing of the Drums of Liberation and Nika’s heartbeat. 

There is no break next week, and the next One Piece Chapter 1092, will be available to read after the release on Manga Plus.

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