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How To Watch Love Island: Aftersun Episodes?


Love Island is a famous dating reality show which was originated generally in the United Kingdom (UK) in the year 2005. It was aired on one of the famous television channels of the United Kingdom, known as the ITV studios. The show was made keeping in mind the interests of the audience, and it was briefed as there would be contestants in the show who would be single and would be termed as “islanders” and would live in a villa, and they would be paired up with different other contestants for performing various tasks, and while performing them, they would find their partners whom they are compatible with and date them.

After they would find their compatible person, the general audience watching the show would vote for their favorite couple to make them win the show. That was really something interesting that the general audience would love to see, and to such an extent, this dating reality show became famous that it is still airing today since the year 2005. As awaited by all the audiences of, the most popular reality show which aired on ITV channel is back again with a new series known as the Love Island: After sun Season.

What Is Love Island: Aftersun?

Well, that is one of the interesting pieces of news that we came back with. The Love Island: Aftersun, which already had six seasons was so much in demand that the producers and makers decided to bring in the seventh season on people’s demand.

The Love Island made in the United Kingdom was discussed to air on January 16, 2023, as the fans and audiences love to watch the romance and drama that takes place there. People can watch it daily as it premiers every day at night.

Love Island

Love Island

Well, ‘Love Island: Aftersun’ is something that is a bit different from Love Island but definitely for the fans and audiences of Love Island who love romance and drama. ‘Love Island: After sun’ is a weekly show, unlike love island, which is shown in a live studio to talk about the events of the previous week.

In this live show, they also show some of the extra clips which are not shown during the week in love island. Apart from that, they also discuss about the different contestants and also talk and interview with other members who have been eliminated from before.

So basically, Love Island: Aftersun is like adding more spices and gossip to the dating reality show. Well, they even show some uncut videos and behind-the-scenes, which are generally not shown during the week and are saved for the weekend. 

Who Is Hosting The “Love Island: Aftersun” This Season?

Well, this season brought in a new face for the audience of Love Island and Love Island: Aftersun. The host of this season is Maya Indea Jama, who is a radio presenter as well as a DJ. She is a known face in the television world as she has been working as a host in the famous show of BBC Three, “Glow Up: Britain’s Next Make up Star” and many more of them.

Maya Jama

Maya Jama

So for this season, she has been 8chosen as the host of the Aftersun who could bring in the views and notices of more people by adding more interesting conversation and putting up more drama to the existing reality show. She is already being loved by the audience and needs to stay tuned for the upcoming.

When And How To Watch “Love Island: Aftersun”?

The most important thing is where and how to watch the show, even for people living in the United Kingdom who cannot see it live and misses it for some reason, so here we come with all the details. Love Island: Aftersun airs once a week on Sundays at 9 pm GMT. 

ITVX app

The show airs live on ITV2 every Sunday, but you can also watch the repeat telecast and other episodes on ITVX for people living in the United Kingdom. People living outside the UK can watch the show using a VPN by subscribing to it and then joining a UK-based server and will be able to watch them in the ITVX app.

Apart from this, you can also watch the show on Hulu in. You will need a subscription to it, which starts at $7.99 per month, and after that, you can easily watch the show. But you need to wait for some time as the show gets updated two weeks later on Hulu after airing in UK.

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