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How Did John Lennon Die? The Beatles Singer’s Tragic Death Cause

John Lennon

Do you know how did John Lennon die? Yes, we are talking about The Beatles singer is lately making headlines for his statue getting unveiled at Liverpool Airport. That happened back on 15 March 2002. Concerning his death, more than four decades have passed. Still, not everyone knows the real cause behind his tragic pass away. Before that, let’s briefly discuss how prominent was John Lennon in the music industry. 

Starting from the basics, John Winston Ono Lennon was an incredible singer. When it comes to his association with the British rock band, The Beatles, he served as the co-lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist. Some of John Lennon’s notable music credits include- Watching the Wheels, I Saw Her Standing There, Every Man Has a Woman Who Loves Him, Jealous Guy, I’m Stepping Out, Nobody Told Me, etc. 

Besides his music career, John Lennon also starred in the film, How I Won the War. In that, he portrayed the role of Gripweed. Coming back to John Lennon’s death, the singer passed away at a very young age. To be more precise about it, the singer was then just 40 years old. His fans failed to believe it in the very beginning. But, what happened? If you are looking for how did John Lennon die, here is what we know. 

How Did John Lennon Die?

John Lennon

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John Lennon’s Death: Cause Revealed 

It was on 8 December 1980, John Lennon passed away, leaving everyone shocked. But, what was the cause? Was he ill? No. Then? The Beatles singer, John was assassinated. In other words, he was shot to death by one of his obsessed fans, Mark David Chapman. John was in front of his apartment building, the Dakota, located in Manhattan. That’s just the opposite of New York’s Central Park. 

Talking more about the incident, Mark David Chapman used the 38 caliber revolver as his weapon and shot the singer four times. The distance between them was quite short. He was bleeding very badly and was taken to the hospital without any delay. But, he died on his way. Mark David Chapman’s motive was very weird as he stayed on the scene until he got arrested by the cops. Little did you know, the fan killer received John’s autograph on the same day, just before the incident took place. More specifically, in the early hours. It was Mark who offered a copy of the new album Double Fantasy to him.

Several artists passed away over the years. But, it takes some time to digest a musician getting murdered. Don’t you agree with this? John Lennon’s death case is still surprising to many. Concerning John, being a member of The Beatles he was not just a pop star. Along with that, he also experimented with fashion, drugs, and music. 

How Did John Lennon Die

John Lennon

Little did you know, Mark David Chapman used to live in Hawaii, along with his wife, Gloria. That was right during 1980. Since his teenage days, he has been a huge fan of the British pop band, The Beatles. But, he reportedly got mad in 1966 when John Lennon claimed that the band was more popular than Jesus Christ. Being a Christian, Mark got triggered by his statement. Everyone continued to mourn the loss, especially on that very day, around the Dakota. 

It was in October 1980, when Mark David Chapman traveled to the city. His only intention was to kill John Lennon. But, he changed his mind and returned home. Later, more precisely on 6 December, he traveled and the incident took place after a couple of days. Mark David Chapman wanted to murder him in the early hours but missed it out. 

It feels bad to realize that The Beatles singer, John Lennon passed away. favorite cherish each of hisfavoritehich is your favourite John Lennon work? 

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