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How Kristoff St. John Passed Away? The Young and the Restless Star

How did Kristoff St. John die
Kristoff St. John

Want to know how did Kristoff St. John die? Popular actor Kristoff St. John rose to huge fame and success after bagging the role of Neil Winters on the hit CBS soap opera in 1991. The role was a massive hit amongst viewers, and his actions earned him not one but two Daytime Emmy Awards.

The actor also won several NAACP Image Awards for the long-running role. Kristoff St. John also played the role of Alex Haley in the miniseries titled Roots: The Next Generations. However, fans were surprised after St. John’s character, Neil Winters, was eventually killed off on the show as the actor passed away, leaving a long-time legacy behind.

Following his death, The Young and the Restless cast and crew later honored the late actor’s memory with an emotional tribute episode that included some throwback clips from St. John’s time on the show. What happened to the actor that led to his untimely death? Let us find out how did Kristoff St. John die.

How did Kristoff St. John die?

Kristoff St. John died due to hypertrophic heart disease. It was further reported that while alcohol also played a role in the death, it was not the prime reason. The popular actor passed away at his Woodland Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles residence.

How did Kristoff St. John die

Kristoff St. John

He was 52 years old. The actor was reportedly having a tough time for a long time after his 24-year-old son Julian committed suicide during his stay at a mental health hospital in Long Beach, California. The actor’s former co-star Victoria Rowell also stated his death while remembering his lively spirit about how Kristoff used to live for the day.

The actor was later given a proper farewell on the show, where his death was covered over a four-episode story as viewers saw how Neil’s friends and family gathered around to remember the man. 

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Who was Kristoff St. John married to?

Kristoff St. John was married to Mia St. John. While the two were together for a while, Mia admitted in an early interview how Julian’s death impacted the late Young and the Restless actor’s final years.

Mia went on to say how they were both depressed and admittedly feeling suicidal occasionally. Take a look at how the Young and the Restless cast and crew paid their heartfelt tribute to the late actor while honoring his memory on the show. 

She further revealed how Kristoff’s suffering was much deeper because there was so much guilt involved. In the early interview, Host Andrew Ordon asked Mia whether the actor thought he could have done more with Julian during that time. Mia revealed how Kristoff did not really understand mental illness.

How did Kristoff St. John die

Kristoff St. John

What Happened to Kristoff St. John?

After the actor’s tragic death, it was revealed that he had checked himself into the hospital as he was battling with depression and was released just a few days before his death.  Mia, who later published a book that dived deeper into the actor’s death, stated that he was neglected by the facility that he was put in.

Mia went on to reveal that the facility did Kristoff let go while the actor was still being suicidal. It was then that her mission just completely skyrocketed, and she just wanted the public to be aware of what was happening to their loved ones.

Mia admitted that Kristoff’s death has been extremely hard for her as a lot knew how he remained one of her best friends to the day he passed. Kristoff St. John’s former co-star remembered the actor as someone who loved his family so much while describing him as a charming, kind, and eloquent man and called him a great artist.

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