How to Watch Asur Season 2 Episodes? Streaming Guide

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Asur: The Rise of the Dark Side (Source: Voot)

Good VS Evil, Right VS Wrong, that is a fight that has been continuously going on for centuries and is a never-ending battle that someone is entitled to lose and someone to win. A good number of series and movies have also been made on this particular concept, one such series is Asur which has just come out with a season 2 for the spectacular series. Asur turned out to be a major hit in the Indian subcontinent, people loved the way the series was depicted and had touches of spirituality and science in it that enhanced its relatability for a large audience. It was not only the gripping plotline and the serial killer approach that has recently become a fan favourite but also the precise way of carrying out the story and the depth of the characters that keeps people engaged. 

Asur is a psychological thriller series of Indian origin and available in Hindi for the audience to watch, the series season 1 came out in 2020, the year of lockdown and came as a major entertainer for the people, an escape from reality that was much needed. Season 1 majorly included the story of two CBI agents Dhananjay Rajpoot and Nikhil Nair as they try to figure out who the killer is and who is using religious intents to kill people following the thoughts of his dark and twisted mindset.

Masked Man
A scene from Asur (Source: Voot)

The Indian series Season 2 was planned to come out earlier on just after the release of Season 1 but then, there was a delay caused because of the whole covid-19 situation and certain unforeseen circumstances. There needed to be a season 2 for the series because the first part of the series did not answer the major questions and a lot of things were left hanging and unsaid which needed to be said to give the audience complete satisfaction of watching their favorite series with the appropriate conclusion that it needed. The suspense was killing people, well literally in the series. 

Asur Season 2: The Rise of the Dark Side is a Hindi series that is directed by Omi Sen and created by Gaurav Shukhla with some famous OTT platform actors playing important parts in the movie Arshad Warsi, Baron Sobti, Sharib Hashmi and Amey Wagh playing the parts of Dhananajay Rajpoot, Nikhil Nair, Lolark Dubey, Rasool Sheikh in the season 1 of the show there are some new additions to the cast made for Season 2 which includes actors such as Barkha Sengupta and Meiyang Chang playing the part of Paul and Vrinda in the series. For season 2 things will only grow more edgy as Shubh and his plans are yet to be brought to light. 

Let’s get a look at what the schedules will look like for season 2. 

Preview and Season 2 premiere of Asur: The Rise of the Dark Side

In the first season of Asur: The Evil Rises we see things opening up, the characters facing challenges and trying to give us a premise of the actual context and extent to which things could go bad. There is an intense emotional connection that is shown between the protagonists and the case that is in front of them, Dhananjay and Nikhil, their journeys until the point in the series and also further on is highlighted, Dhananjay’s wife is seen to fall prey to the serial killer and his evil ways, running Dhananjay mentally and emotionally.

Towards the end of the series, we see how Nikhil’s daughter Riya falls prey to the serial killer’s plans too. There are a lot of inside webs that have been developed and connections from the past and present that make sense and are released with time. Even for the serial killer, there are many backstories and past events mentioned that seem to unfold themselves little by little with the episodes and as the series goes on. There is a significant amount of clashes and history buried between the two police officers too, creating issues leading to problems and an emotional turmoil that follows the characters around while they try to find out the serial killer. 

For Season 2 Asur: The Rise of the Dark Side, things have taken a turn for the worse and with the addition of new characters it is obvious that there will be some major changes and developments in the series. But the series is less likely to end with just season 2 and will mostly come up with another season to continue to show the raw and brutal emotions and cruelty of the asur. All the episodes for the series are out, the first two episodes appeared on the online streaming platform before all of the episodes were released for the audience to watch on June 2, 2023.

Asur Season 2
Asur Season 2 (Source: Instagram)

Streaming Guide for Season 2 Episodes of ‘Asur’

All the episodes for Asur are out and available to be watched on the Jio Cinema platform for the audience. The initial plan for the show directors was to release the episodes once a day from the 1st of June, 2023. But it was on audience demand that all the episodes of the show were made available for the audience to watch for free on the 2nd of June, 2023. The show was initially released on the Voot platform, but following the union of Voot and Jio Cinema, the series was released on the Jio Cinema streaming platform for Season Two. Season 1 of the show though can be enjoyed on the Voot platform!

Where Can You Watch Asur Season 2?

The series is available to be watched by the audience at the Jio Cinema streaming platform, it is readily available for the Indian audience to be watched, without any extra charges, or any for that matter. For audiences from different counties, a VPN network can be used to access the series on the streaming platform! Stream it now and get a look at the series that Indians are currently obsessed with! 

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