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Trucking Hell Season 6 Episode 4: Release Date & Streaming Guide

Trucking Hell Season 6 Episode 3
Trucking Hell Season 6 Episode 3

Trucking Hell Season 6 Episode 4 release date is quite near, and fans are thus pretty excited for the same. This is a documentary TV series that focuses on a group of men and women who work in the rescue business. Their job is to recover the crashed vehicles that have been a part of some very heavy accident or such. Throughout the episodes of the series, we see the focus on various such cases that happen on the road, and our rescue team has to care for the same in the end.

We see these people taking their time and tackling through the very difficult jack-knifed lorries as well as some good crashed HGVs. There are other cases that the crew has to handle, such as roadside breakdowns. After 5 successful seasons of the series, we have been provided with a new 6th one that has kicked off yet again with Kieran O’Brien as the narrator of the drama. Before we go on and discuss the future of the series, let us have a quick recap of the previous two seasons which were provided to us.

Trucking Hell Season 6 Episode 1 and 2 Recap

Back in Trucking Hell Season 6 Episode 1, we saw that Steve Kelly is the Incident Manager. In this episode, she is provided with the task of clearing up the rollover of an HGV. This vehicle was loaded with building waste, and this made it even more difficult for the team to clean out. Later in the episode, the team strangled the case of a bin lorry whose axle failed while it was driving in a busy London street. Later by the end of the episode, we saw just one last case taking place. It was of Steven as he rode out to save a car transporter on a very busy road located in Leicester.

Trucking Hell Season 6 Episode 3

A still from Trucking Hell Season 6

Then back in the Trucking Hell Season 6 Episode 2, we saw that a team of rescuers was trying to deal with the cement mixer, which was faulty, and it turned over. The tool is full of wet cement, and the team was required to avoid any spill on the road. The second case which we saw in the episode was of a driver that has come back after a week from a holiday in Italy.

While driving her car, she comes to find out some problems with her hydraulics. The last case, which was handled by the team, was of a Leicestershire river where Abang was appointed to the task of going fishing for a flooded Ford Focus. Well, this was all with the recap of the series, and let us discuss the future of the same.

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Trucking Hell Season 6 Episode 4 Release Date

Trucking Hell Season 6 Episode 4 release date is on the 22nd of September 2022. The episode is supposed to drop out at 6:30 PM as per the British Time on 5 Action. New entries of the episode release every week on Thursdays, and thus, you can mark your calendars for the same.

How to Watch Trucking Hell Season 6 Episode 4

Trucking Hell Season 6 Episode 4 can be watched at the date and time that we have mentioned above on My 5. In order to have access, fans will need valid cable login credentials. You can always access the latest episodes when they are made available on-demand platforms.

Trucking Hell Season 6 Spoilers

In Trucking Hell Season 6 Episode 3, we will witness Steve in the lead case. He is the Crouch incident manager. He will be required to reach an extremely busy A1 along with his entire team in order to rescue the lorry which has caught fire at the location. Later, when we see Steve arriving at the location, the fire has already been put out. Things were made easier for him by Callum, who has also pulled the tractor unit onto a loader.

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