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What Happened To Sammie Okposo And How Did He Die?

What Happened To Sammie Okposo

Sammie Okposo, a popular Nigerian gospel singer, died at the age of 51. According to multiple media reports, the veteran singer slumped and died at his home on Friday morning. Okposo sparked outrage in January after apologizing to his wife, Ozioma, for having cheated on her with another woman in the United States. Following the scandal, he took a break from ministry to retrace his steps with God.

Kevin Bond, a Grammy Award winner, produced his latest recent album, ‘The Statement.’ The gospel singer promised his audience that he would concentrate on repair and forgiveness. Okposo, who was born in May 1971, was a music producer and preacher. He also served as CEO of Zamar Entertainment. Sammie was a gospel singer who had been in the business for a long time. He rose to prominence after the publication of his track Wellu in 2000.

Sammie Okposo

Everything We Know About Sammie Okposo

The music helped Sammie establish himself in the industry. Even according To Africa, he began his professional career as a producer in 1995. Following that, he worked as a Sound Track Composer in the Nigerian film industry before pursuing a career in music production. He finally published his original music and acquired a fan base.

Fans Grieved Sammie Okposo The Singer’s Death 

Many people were shocked to learn of Sammie’s death, and many were eager to vent their feelings on social media. Several admirers reflected on some of their treasured recollections of the artist. “2022 was a long year for you, gentleman; you will be remembered fondly,” one person remarked.

Sammie Okposo, rest in peace. “However, Sammie Okposo’s death is terrible,” said another. He was 51 years old at the time. In his day, he was a highly good gospel singer. I hope his family finds solace in the aftermath of his death.

Why is it that men’s life expectancy is so low in this day and age? It’s a little frightening.” “Sammie Okposo’s songs will continue living in the minds of men; his songs are well-known worldwide.”

Sammie Okposo’s death was announced by his family on November 25, but how could the famed gospel singer die? Fans have been grieving the singer’s death, which occurred unexpectedly on Friday, November 25th.

Sammie Okposo

Is Sammie Okposo Dead?

Early in the morning, word of his death began to circulate on social media. The news of his death was verified by his family on November 25. Sammie died in his sleep, according to a report. He was 51 years old.

“It is with a great sadness but absolute surrender to God that I announce the demise of our late husband, father, brother, uncle, Minister of God, Sammie Okposo,” the statement said. “Sammie slept and went to be there with the Lord on Friday, November 25, 2022,” the message said. We are calm since we know he is with Lord, singing with angels.

What Is The Reason Behind Sammie Okposo’s Death?

The famed gospel artist allegedly took unwell on Friday morning and died at an unnamed Lagos hospital. The singer died as a result of high blood pressure. Before his sad death, he was scheduled to play in a Christmas performance with other well-known Christian performers.

Sammie Okposo

What Is The Reason Behind Sammie Okposo’s Death?

He was recently in the news for a cheating incident. Okposo sparked outrage when he apologized to his wife, Ozioma, on his official Instagram profile for cheating on her in 2021. Following the incident, the singer chose to take a vacation from ministry to re-evaluate his spiritual path before resuming that after a few months.

Sammie Okposo Had Escaped Death Earlier?

In May of this year, the legendary singer almost missed death in a horrific vehicle accident while traveling across Lagos’ 3rd Mainland Bridge. Nonetheless, Okposo said he was delivered from the demon and his followers.

Sammie Okposo

Sammie Okposo Had Escaped Death Earlier?

Sammie described his narrow escape from death while steering on the 3rd mainland bridge. He expressed gratitude for possibly saving his life as he managed to cross Lagos’ third mainland bridge. He added that, while he had planned to keep his testimony private at first, doing so was important in order to appreciate God’s magnificence completely.

The singer shared his encounter on Instagram on Saturday, May 16, 2020. Okposo reports that his car’s propeller shaft broke as he was driving, yet nothing bad occurred to him. He acknowledged going at 100 to 120 kph over the 3rd mainland bridge connecting to CMS before proceeding to his end destination of Surulere.

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