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What is Camerupt Weak Against, In Pokemon?

Known as the eruption Pokémon, Camerupt made his debut in the main series under the ownership of Vicky Winstrate in Candid Camerupt. It’s a quadrupedal Pokémon and looks like a Bactrian camel. It has two grey volcanoes on its back, the ones on the female being larger than the ones on the male. It also has a robust body covered in red shaggy fur and three blue rings on each side. It has droopy ears, a tawny muzzle, and bangs on top of its head.

Every ten years—or more frequently if it gets really angry—the volcanoes on its back will explode violently. The humps on its back erupt in a molten lava shower when it is angered.

 It can be found in volcano craters. The body of Camerupt contains a volcano. Its body is filled with magma that is 18,000 degrees Fahrenheit hot. The superheated magma occasionally spews from the humps on this Pokémon’s back. Camerupt’s bones change shape to create the humps on its back. On occasion, they release molten magma. This Pokémon supposedly explodes frequently when it is angry.

camerupt pokemon go weakness

Camerupt Weakness; credits: sportskeeda

Camerupt has always been a fairly intriguing Pokémon that is both helped by and hurt by its typing. Being Fire/Ground-type makes it 4x weak versus Water-type, which has recently experienced a comeback thanks to Scald and other tactics. Its slowness makes it a great choice for Trick Rooms, and its decent bulk of 75/70/70 allows it to be a respectable tank, but there are certain Pokémon that are slightly more effective. Although Camerupt has an excellent move pool and respectable offensive numbers, you won’t have much fun using it outside of Trick Rooms. Let’s see in detail both weaknesses and strengths.

Camerupt’s weaknesses

Camerupt is a Pokémon of the Fire and Ground types. It is more vulnerable to attacks and moves of the Ground and Water types than it is to those of the Bug, Electric, Fairy, Fire, Poison, and Steel types. You should only utilize Water-type Pokémon against Camerupt because of its numerous resistances. To defeat Camerupt in a raid fight, any Pokémon of the Ground and Water types would be a wise choice.

Camerupt Weakness

Camerupt Weakness; credits: Tenor

Best Pokémon to use against Camerupt

Gyarados, Swampert, and Blastoise are the greatest Pokémon you may employ to battle Camerupt.

A Pokémon of the Flying and Water types is Gyarados. If you frequently participate in Pokémon Go’s PvP mode, you’ve probably seen this Pokémon utilized by countless Ultra and Master League players. Gyarados is a fantastic Pokémon for PvE play who can fight Camerupt utilizing a variety of Water-type attacks. Gyarados is a great Pokémon for dealing a lot of damage because it has an extraordinarily powerful attack as well as a respectable amount of health and defense.

The next option is Swampert, a Pokémon of the Ground and Water types. Swampert has probably been utilized in every Pokémon Go PvP Battle League, much like Gyarados has. It exclusively has Grass-type weakness.

Mega Swampert Vs Mega Camerupt

Mega Swampert Vs. Mega Camerupt; credits: Reddit

Blastoise, the first Water-type Pokémon, is the final one we’ll suggest. Blastoise is a much more advantageous Pokémon to utilize as your team’s tank to survive several of Camerupt’s charged assaults because it has a higher defensive stat than it makes an attack. If you have enough mega candy stored for this encounter, I would strongly advise evolving Blastoise into Mega Blastoise. 

You can utilize other Pokémons to battle Camerupt in addition to these three. Here are some other options for Pokémon that are appropriate for this raid encounter.

Empoleon; Ludicolo; Pelipper; Politoed; Rhyperior; Therian Landorus; Vaporeon; Feraligatr; Kyogre;Lapras 

For a short while, Camerupt will continue to participate in three-star raids. You can capture one at the end of the battle if you succeed in killing it. Shiny Camerupts are impossible to capture.

Strengths and Abilities

Magma Armor: While this Pokémon has this ability, it cannot be frozen. On this Pokémon, practically worthless. On Camerupt, very few people will employ moves with the ice type, and the frozen status is rarely used as is.

Solid Rock: Super-effective moves deal 25% less damage. – Always useful, but with only two Weaknesses, it doesn’t aid it as much as it could. However, with the Water-type weakness, it truly softens the blow. The pinnacle of Camerupt’s skills

Unknown Talent (Available):

Anger Point: Increases Attack to maximum level after sustaining a critical strike. But this is available as a hidden ability. This is great when it works, but it’s far too situational. Outside of a gimmick set in doubles next to someone who has Frost Breath, it’s far too dependent on chance factors.

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