Why Did They Kill Off Will Gardner in The Good Wife? Answered

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Why Did They Kill Off Will Gardner?
Why Did They Kill Off Will Gardner?

Why Did They Kill Off Will Gardner? is what you will know about in this article. Will Gardner is a character played by Josh Charles in the series The Good Wife. In an episode of the 2014 edition of the series, the fans were disorder to know that Will was declared dead in the show by the makers. Will was shown that one of his clients killed him with a gun in the middle of the cold room, and he was later declared dead when they to came to the hospital.

After that episode was released, Twitter was filled with the reaction of the fans of the series that Gardner’s death was a significant loss to the show. Someone commented that Will is dead, and now his life is ruined. That was his words when he learned about that information. The fans always wanted to know what was the reason he was declared in the show while he was doing a great performance and the fans loved him.

The makers of the show, Robert and Michelle King, had to post a letter on the Internet that has the title Dear loyal good wife fans and explain the reason why he was declared dead. All the reasons and the explanation you will get to know about in this article.

Still From The Good Wife (Credit: Disney+ Hotstar)
Still From The Good Wife (Credit: Disney+ Hotstar)

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Why Did They Kill Off Will Gardner?

Robert and Michelle King said that the reason they are killing well is because he wanted to leave the show. First, they decided that there may be a possibility that they would send Will to Seattle or get married or disbarred, but they decided against these conditions. The reason for this decision was that the characters of Will and Alicia had such a passion between them that would not go away because they were living in different places and far away from each other.

Charles also said that the killing of his character was a great move, and he also considered that move a powerful as well as a shocking move. He did an interview with TV Line in which he said that there was a need to explore some other options to be the reason for him to quit the show.

He said in the interview that he is very excited about the year that is the present year and how this year has gone for him and also about the debt in the character of Bill that ended up being very really interesting for him. He said that it was a positive experience for him and also a positive, creative experience, but sometimes you know when you are ready to drive into a new experience and when you want some other things in your life.

Still From The Good Wife (Credit: Disney+ Hotstar)
Still From The Good Wife (Credit: Disney+ Hotstar)

Furthermore, this does not imply that your approach to the present experience is flawed. The topic is what you want out of life and what you want to look into for the future. There was no question in his mind about leaving the show. He said as he put an end to his remarks. In addition, he received a Golden Globe nomination for his performance in the television drama The Good Wife, for which he also received the People’s Choice Award as the best dramatic television actor.

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David Letterman asked Charles what the hell happened and why he left the show when Charles appeared there with him. His contract was set to expire at the end of the previous year, and he was prepared to go on to other projects. He claimed that he is now 42 years old and that they have known since last year that this was one of the finest shows for him in his entire career.

A permanent position is really difficult to leave, but in his opinion, it was good for the program and for him as well. He also claimed that it was a decent and proper farewell to his role, which is why it was such an important moment for him. The actors from the program and Charles have kept this departure a secret for a year. Charles, however, disclosed the information to those of his relatives he believes can keep it a secret.

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