Winds of Winter Release Date Window: Is The Wait Over?

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It has been a couple of years since the epic saga of Game of Thrones has ended. The TV series took the world by a storm of fandom. Although it is quite evident that the newly converted fans may not know that the show is adapted from a series of books written by George RR Martin. RR Martin is a tremendously talented and flamboyant author.

His books are often considered as one of the best-written content in the market. Naming them A Song of Ice and Fire, Wildcards Anthology and The Thousand World Stories. But the actual question is currently the next book Winds of Winter is doing the rounds of the hype chart and notably is going to release soon. Also since the announcement by Mr Martin, each and everyone in the market is asking about Winds of Winter Release Date.

winds of winter George RR Martin
Cover of Winds of Winter and still of George RR Martin

It is after the initial hype of the books that HBO decided to pick his work and transform it into a show which turned out to be a huge success. But that in turn complimented the author’s calibre and popularity. His work began to flourish even more than the show’s viewership. It was the last arguably disappointing season of Game of Thrones which triggered the fans to move further with the original content provider George RR Martin. George RR Martin is an author, born on 20th September 1948. This 73-year-old writer’s most celebrated set of stories is A Song of Ice and Fire which was made into Game of Thrones. And now George RR Martin has announced to carry forward the saga with a detour of Winds of Winter.

Plot Details

According to the writer, Mr Martin, the story arc of the Winds of Winter is going to be focusing upon the difficult and dark nature of the previous saga. Yes, there will be recurring characters from the previous books and stories. Winds of Winters may feature the known characters but it will and definitely will focus upon the Targaryens and the dark eerie prospect of the winter. “Winter is coming” was announced long back when it was all new to the world, but now it is time to celebrate the quirks of winter and its realm. George RR Martin believes that winter is actually when things turn ice cold and things die.

George RR Martin
George RR Martin with the cast of GOT

Some of the recurring characters are going to visit the darkest corners of their subconscious in this nest mini-saga. The book is not going to have a feel-good emotion to it at any instance, unlike the other elements. The subject of Winds of Winter is very different in mood and tone than the previous story arcs.

Characters in Winds of Winter

As soon as the book was announced everyone wanted to know about the recurring characters. But besides some, there have not been any sort of announcement over the exact character names or details. Besides anything else, some reports say that there shall be characters adapted from the Game of Thrones saga. Sansa, Arya, Theon, Arianne, Victarion and Tyrion will aal be used as a reference to some of the new characters. And will be somewhat shaped around them. But there are confirmed rumours of getting back Melisandre, Hotah, Bran Stark, Cersei and Tarly on the pages of Winds of Winter.

George RR Martin
George RR Martin in the sets of GOT

There is no such official announcement for any kind of character enhancement or addition. But Mr Martin has put it out open, that the book will be the darkest one till now. And fans have been very happy about it. Because the broodier it gets the better and more intriguing it becomes.

Winds of Winter Release Date

The fandom was being disappointed for a while now because to them it was taking forever. But now after George RR Martin has confirmed that Winds of Winter will release on the 13th of November 2023. The fans are relieved to know the date but are restless about the wait.

It is more than a year of waiting, which could result in another push of date. Fans believe that George RR Martin is a perfectionist till he gets it right. Nothing is going to be revealed. Hence, the wait might be long and longer but the result is going to be magnificent. And that is exactly what the fans hope for.

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