Will Zeke Yeager Survive Captain Magath’s Hit? The Fate & Death of the Beast Titan

Will Zeke Survive Magath Hit
Will Zeke Yeager Die in Attack on Titan?

In the recently released episode of Attack on Titan: Final Season, Zeke showed up in Shiganshina District as Eren’s savior. With his classic rubble throwing ability, he took care of the Armored Titan and the Jaw Titan, who were trying to team up against Eren. Adding salt to Marleyan’s injury, the Cart found himself surrounded by Survey Corps, and she was reduced into a pile of skeletons in no time. Just when he thought everything was going according to his plan, Captain Magath emerged as the MVP of the battle and struck the Beast Titan’s nape with the anti-titan artillery. This makes fans wonder if Zeke Yeager will die in the final showdown of Attack on Titan.

The monstrous beast fell crashing from the top of Wall Maria. Meanwhile, a beaten-up Eren gradually crawled towards the corpse of the Beast Titan. Everyone out there is hoping (or fearing) that Zeke could have survived the blow. If that’s really the case, he is about to turn everyone around into titans. How will he deal with this seemingly impossible situation? Here’s everything to know. The article consists of major spoilers from manga, so read it accordingly.

Will Zeke Survive Magath’s Hit?

I am sure that the Yeagerist will be delighted to know that Zeke Yeager will survive Magath’s critical hit from the anti-titan artillery. Come on, Zeke has made it out from far worse situations, so this should be a piece of cake for him. Moreover, the next episode is titled ‘Two Brothers,’ further confirming that he isn’t dead yet. Thus, you can expect him to scream out loud, thereby turning everyone who drank the wine into titans.

Cart Titan with anti-titan artillery

This means that Falco won’t be evading the titan transformation, anyhow. In the original manga, Zeke paid no heed to Falco’s request and screamed aloud without the slightest hesitation. Zeke’s age-old way of turning the tables around will work perfectly, thereby engaging the Marleyan soldiers to deal with an army of newly formed titans.

Will Zeke and Eren Come in contact?

Moments after summoning the Titan army, Magath hit him again with the anti-Titan artillery. With no other option left, Zeke and Eren exited their titan bodies pretending to be defeated and gradually crawled towards each other. Just when they were about to meet, Gabi blasted away Eren’s head with a single shot from her rifle. Eren’s detached head fell on Zeke’s outstretched hand, and thankfully, Eren’s life force wasn’t completely gone by then. Thus, Eren managed to activate the powers of the Founding Titan before succumbing to his injuries.

Eren Yeager and Zeke Yeager

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Will Zeke’s Euthanasia Plan Succeed?

Eren arrived at the Coordinate to see Zeke locked up by chains. The older brother explained how Ymir created the nine titans from the sand and how these chains prevent Karl Fritz’s descendants from acting freely. To Zeke’s dispair, Eren showed no intention of fulfilling the euthanasia plan. He bluntly stated that Zeke was nothing but a tool for him to unlock the powers of the Founding Titan. After an intense tug of war over Ymir, Eren finally managed to activate rumbling, thereby turning Zeke’s plan into a huge failure.

Eren Yeager and Zeke Yeager

Will Zeke Yeager die in Attack on Titan?

Yes, Zeke Yeager will eventually die in the hands of Captain Levi Ackerman, just what everyone anticipated. After Eren crushed his Euthanasia plan, Zeke found himself trapped in the path world. The memories of the days when he used to play catch with Ksaver flashed before his eyes. Soon, all the previous inheritors of the Beast Titan showed up, and he begged them to lend him their strength. After quite a struggle, he finally managed to emerge from Eren’s titan body. He called for Levi right away, as if he was inviting his bitter foe to grant him the luxury called ‘death.’ As he was admiring and lamenting the destruction before his eyes, Levi beheaded him in a single strike.

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