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Will There Be Extraordinary You Season 2?

What is the release date of Extraordinary You Season 2?
Cast Kim Hye soon andR Rowoon (Credit: MBC)

How would you feel if you realize that the life you are living is just going according to someone’s wishes? Yes, the same thing happens in the Extraordinary You Korean Drama. The main female protagonist of the drama discovers that everything in her life is happening according to the writer’s wishes, and she is just a character in his comic book. The drama portrays how she tries to change her life and luck no matter what. She did not want to become a puppet in the hands of someone else.

The other name for the drama is Ha-ru Found by Chance, July Found by Chance, Suddenly One Day, and Eojjeoda Balgyeonhan Haru. Extraordinary You premiered in 2019 in the MBC original network. Kim Sang Yeop is the director of the drama. Extraordinary You found its inspiration from the webtoon of the same name. Now, let’s know all about the recap of the first season and also whether the series is coming back with season 2 or not. 

Extraordinary You Season 1: Recap

Extraordinary You begins in Seoul’s Seuli High School. The introduction takes place for the main female protagonist, Eun Dan-Oh, who narrates the story in version and goes to Seuli High Group. She says that the heroine will always have few things happening with her, with guys obsessing over her. It seems that from her point of eyes, she thinks and says about herself. Then, enters the A3 group of the school who is very popular and famous. The A3 group consists of three boys, Oh Nam-Ju, Baek Kyung, and Lee Do-Hwa. 

Suddenly, Eun Dan-Oh hears page-turning, frozen students, and some noises around her. Then, the scene shifts, and she found herself sitting in the classroom, and the midterm is already happening. She began wondering what is happening and how time is moving so fast. Eun Dan -Oh also went to her doctor that says maybe that is happening due to stress and also her heart is very weak. We also came to know that Dan -Oh is also engaged to Kyung and likes him very much. However, he does not like her and insults her. Another male student in the library thinks about his long scar on the left palm.

Is Extraordinary You coming back for season 2?

Haru and Eun Dan On in one of the scene talking together backstage (Credit: MBC)

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Dan-Oh also thinks that her condition t is worsening as she realizes time flew by hours, days, or even weeks sometimes. One day, she came across a book titles Secret in the library. Eun Dan-Oh realizes that they are in the world of manhwas. Everything takes place according to the writer, and she is just a character in the book. Some characters become self-aware that knows everything and how time shifts in the manhwas world. She became even sad after learning that she is not the main character but rather the supporting character of the manhwa world. Moreover, the writer has made her a sick girl that may die anytime soon and also without the love of anyone. 

Eun Dan-Oh becomes adamant about changing her role and fate. But, Dried Squid warned her that there would be consequences for doing the same. She also meets Haru that can change her fate. Slowly, they began falling in love backstage. However, they had to return to the respective onstage characters once the story takes place. Many characters also became self-aware about themselves. The rest of the story portrays how Dan-Oh and Haru began to change their fate and fell in love.

Extraordinary You: Cast

Extraordinary You leading casts include Kim Hye-Soon, Lee Tae-Ri, Rowoon, Kim Young Dae, Lee Jae-Wook, Jung Gun-Joo, and Lee Na-Eun. They portrayed Eun Dan-oh, Jinmichae or Geum Jin-mi, Number 13 or Ha-ru, Oh Nam-Joo, Baek Kyung, Lee Do-Hwa, and Yeo Joo-da. There is the inclusion of many supporting casts as the drama takes place in a high school. Many supporting casts are included as students in the Seuli High School. They will all probably return if Extraordinary You ever comes back for another season. 

Extraordinary You Season 2: Renewal & Release Date

Extraordinary You Season 2 renewal is still not in the lists of the creators. Thus, there is also no release date for Extraordinary You Season 2. The ending of the Extraordinay You Season 1 gave a good and desired conclusion to everyone. So, there is no storyline left opening for the series to take place again. It has also been a long since that the show ended. But, there are no hints or anything about the drama coming back again. Furthermore, a drama cannot go on without any materials or if the first season’s finale did not leave anything much for another opening. Hence, Extraordinary You is not coming back for another season. 

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