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Will ‘The Breaker’ Anime Adaptation Happen?

The Breaker Anime

The Breaker is a 10 volume manhwa. Manhwas are South Korean comics equivalent to mangas in Japan. Jeon Geuk-jin is the author of the series, and Park Jin-hwan is the illustrator. This is a widely successful series. So this series is not just a martial arts series. The series is highly praised for its intense action scenes. Like many Shounen series, this series also starts with an unrefined protagonist. The protagonist is slightly different from the other characters. With the help of some adults, the protagonist starts getting better. And the story gradually becomes way more unique than this. But it does take a couple of chapters to get into. While The Breaker does have the capability to swoon fans, has it been able to do the same with production studios to create an anime.

The world of Murim, the martial arts society, gets well fleshed out. So the primary type of power in this is Chi energy. This is similar to Dragon Ball’s style, excluding the blasting parts. Different clans use this to increase strength and speed. But Chi users can be killed by normal methods as well. This creates a balance in this world. Beyond the amazing battles, we get to see great character development as well. The art style keeps getting progressively better. Series like Attack on Titan also initially had an unimpressive art style in the manga. But now, it is known as one of the most visually appealing anime to exist. We could expect similar results with the Breaker anime.

About The Breaker

Our main protagonist is Shiwoon Yi. He acts like a typical Shounen character. So he initially appears weak and timid. And later grows determined and always protects his friends. But this character is contrasted by his teacher, Chunwoo Han. Chunwoo Han is the Nine Arts Dragon of the Murim. This character is the anti-hero of the story. Shinwoo’s wholesome personality balances this character. So the hidden Murim works together with modern society. Various governments support the Murim. And they also protect the identity of the Chi users. This series has been adapted in several languages. These languages are French, Italian, Polish, and Russian. Even though the series started a long time ago, it is still extremely relevant.

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Will There Be ‘The Breaker’ Anime Adaptation?

For now, there is no announcement surrounding The Breaker Anime Adaptation. The Manhwa series now has two seasons, and the third season is coming soon. Some series get their anime adaptation during the initial stages of their serialization, but series like JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure got their adaptation after a very long time. JJBA came out in 1987, but the anime came out in 2012. During this time, the series had a lot of hype around it due to the release of part 8. Similarly, the Breaker anime adaptation can also come when season 3 comes. Due to the unique and evolving style of the anime, we wonder what studio will animate. David Production could go for this franchise due to its unique plot. Some fans are expecting Madhouse to be the studio. Madhouse Studio is famous for animating action series well. And this series also has some good humor and fan service moments.


Still from the opening of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Season 2

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Manhwa Anime Adaptations

As we all know, anime generally adapt mangas. Mangas are comics written in Japan, whereas Manhwas are comics written in South Korea. But gradually, Manhwas are getting popular. This is happening rapidly in both print and digital formats. From 2016 to 2018, Shoujo mangas were more popular. But now, the trend amongst romance series is shifting. We see more Manhwas in the romance category. Reasons for this could be the striking art style of these comics. South Korean culture is gradually becoming more mainstream as well. Series like the Squid Game and movies like the Parasite have become a global phenomenon.


Raizel from Noblesse Anime

Now we have seen various Manhwas getting adapted. Like their comic counterpart, these animations are visually stunning. Popular adaptations include Noblesse, The God of High School, Tower of God, and Freezing. The three series are available for streaming at Crunchyroll, while Freezing is streaming at Funimation Now. With this growing popularity, we can expect more anime studios to adapt Manhwas. The Breaker could be a good series to bring about this change. This series has several factors that anime fans are used to seeing. But it also has several factors that will make it stand out. This adaptation could be a pathbreaking series in its genre.

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