Will Severance Have An Episode 10? Spoilers & Speculations for What Lies Ahead

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Severence episode 10
Adam Scott as Mark in Severance/image credits: Apple TV+

Severance Episode 10 is all that some of the fans can ask for right now. Following the conclusive chapter of the first season that was the ninth episode, many fans are wondering if there’s going to be an episode 10 or not. The episode gave us a lot of surprises and shocking revelations. From the story to the characters, the ninth episode of season 1 was peak Severance.

So is there a tenth episode? Is episode 10 of Severance going to release as per the usual schedule? If not, then what does the story of the sci-fi drama further entails? Keep on reading to learn the answers to all these questions. Before we delve into all that, however, let’s do a brief recap of all that transpired in the ninth episode. Spoilers ahead!

What Happened in the Season 1 Finale?

The last episode of season 1 saw a thrilling conclusion to the premiere installment. The finale kicks off with Mark’s innie waking up at Devon’s home. He wakes up while hugging Cobel (who’s masquerading as Mrs. Selvig). Mark makes an excuse and goes to Devon, but while doing so, he calls Cobel by her name. This alerts Cobel and she dials up Milchick to head over to the security office since someone must have activated the overtime contingency.

Meanwhile, Mark talks to Devon and tells her that she’s speaking to her brother’s innie. He learns from Devon that her wife Gemma is dead. Mark reveals to her that Mrs. Selvig is actually Mark’s boss. Meanwhile, Irving’s innie wakes up in his apartment to see that his outie has some paintings and was formerly in the military.

Who is Mark's wife in severance
Dichen Lachman as Gemma/Ms. Casey in Severance

Irving also finds a directory about all the Lumon employees, which he starts rummaging through to find Burt’s location. Meanwhile, Helly wakes up to find herself at a Lumon gala. In a shocking discovery, she learns that she’s actually the daughter of Lumon CEO James Eagan, Helena. As it turns out, she became a severed employee to gain public support for severance. Public support is what Lumon had always needed for the legalization of severance.

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Meanwhile, Cobel runs off to the gala to stop from making a speech. Before she can, however, Helly makes a speech, revealing all the abusive and hellish conditions Lumon subjects its employees to. At the end of the finale, Irving reaches Burt’s and finds that he’s married to another man. Mark finds a photo of his wedding in which he can see Gemma, and the realization dawns on him that its none other than Ms. Casey.

Severance Episode 10 Release Date — Has the Show Ended?

Severance episode 10 does not have a release date. That’s because the premiere season concluded with the ninth episode. However, thankfully for the fans, this is not the end of the story. Severance is returning for a second season. Apple recently gave the show’s sophomore season a green light. So we can expect the story to continue when the second outing picks up after the season 1 finale is probably the next year.

A lot remains to be solved and resolved after the thrilling and shocking finale of season 1. Until the second season arrives, however, you can binge on the first season that’s now available to stream in its entirety on Apple TV+. You can sign up for a monthly subscription to the service at $4.99 and avail a 7-day free trial before you commit to the monthly charge. The show is not available to stream anywhere else since Apple TV+ holds the exclusive rights to the show.

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