Will Kenpachi Zaraki die in Bleach?

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will Kenpachi die in Bleach?
Kenpachi Zaraki in TYBW Arc

Will Kenpachi Zaraki die in Bleach? Personally, he is one of my favorite characters from the series, not because of his looks or something. His personality is something that makes me feel like that he is the character I have been looking for in the whole series. From his first look, you will see him as a psycho who will run errands in any situation and is always excited about fighting. Zaraki might not fit your ideal anime character, but he indeed is very powerful. So, now we have to find out who will be able to kill this strong character or will he not die in the series.

The brief introduction we gave above was of Kenpachi Zaraki, a very popular character from the series Bleach. The Japanese manga series Bleach was created and illustrated by Tite Kubo. The manga series was released on 7th August 2001, and an anime adaption of the manga has also been released in the year 2004. To date, both manga and anime series of Bleach were considered as one of the top series from the Shonen genre. The plot of the series is unique and, just like any other anime series, will take you deep into a lot of backstories and huge explanations of every event that takes place in the series. All these profound theories and storyline makes it my favorite series of all time.

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About Kenpachi Zaraki

Being one of the strongest characters from the series Bleach, Kenpachi is the Captain on 11th Division of the Gotei 13. His lieutenant Yachiru Kusajishi was later changed by Ikkaku Mdarame. Zepnachi has the looks of a literal beast human, which makes him very distinguishable. He is tall, with tall I mean really tall, muscular, and always carries a wild and aggressive look on his face. His look quite suits his personality. Moving on, he has small sharp green eyes and stringy black hair that literally looks like spikes.

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The most noticeable feature about his looks is the scar over his left eye, which is said to have been inflicted upon him by Retsu Unohana when he came across her as a child. Yes, the sweet, calm, and gentle Captain of the 4th division did this to him. They both have a history together, and we will talk about it later. Kenpachi is a very violent fighter who is ready to jump into any battle in search of a worthy opponent. However, he never found one until he came across Ichigo. Kenpachi is a wielder of a Zanpakuto, whose name is unknown to him but was later revealed in the anime series. His Zanpakuto and Bankai were the reason he was thrown into danger, so now the question lies were he able to come out of that danger or lose his life in the process.

will kenpachi die in Bleach?
Kenpachi Zaraki – Bleach

Will Kenpachi Zaraki die in Bleach?

In Bleach, we witnessed that Kenpachi Zaraki was successfully able to make it to the end of the series. He did not face any life-threatening battle in any of the arcs, and all of this he did only with his Shikai and the Zanpakuto, whose name he didn’t know. However, the last arc is still left, and that is there in the manga. If we talk about the Bleach, the final arc of the series is very important from every character’s power’s perspective. In the final arc when soul society was attacked by Wandenreich Army, Kenpachi didn’t face any problem with defeating three Sternritter, which was indeed surprising for Yhwach himself. However, when Kenpachi rushes himself to attack Yhwach, Yhwach picks him up with his throat and Kenpachi loses easily.

At that time, the interference of the Head Captain saved him from getting any further punishments. His life was graced at that time, but later, he got into a battle with Retsu Unohana, aka the first Kenpachi. The battle was intended to make Kenpachi reveal his full strength as the current situation demands the full strength of each and every Captain. The battle between the two Kenpachi was fierce that it was decided that one of them had to die to let another out of the underground prison. By the end of the battle, Kenpachi was able to unleash his Bankai and successfully killed Retsu Unohana. She died smiling after realizing that she had fulfilled her last duty now, and she could rest in peace.

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will Kenpachi Zaraki die in Bleach?
Kenpachi Zaraki – Bleach

By the end of the manga, Kenpachi came into multiple battles with Sternritters, Gremmy Thoumeaux, Pernida Parnkgjas, and Great Valkyrie. In these battles, he fought side by side with other captains and became a major reason for winning over every opponent. Hence, he didn’t die in the series but became even more powerful.

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