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Why Was Bilal Skaf Released From Prison? Everything About Notorious Criminal

Why Was Mohammed Skaf Released From Prison? Everything About Notorious Gang Rapist
Mohammed Skaf freed from the prison

The question ‘Why Was Mohammed Skaf Released From Prison?’ is revolving around the corner. He is a notorious gang rapist who has been freed from prison after serving two decades in prison. In order to return home to his parents and create his own family. Skaf has done an act that is worse than murder. Skaf was released from Sydney’s Long Bay Correctional Complex on Wednesday morning. After spending most of his life behind bars and never publicly expressing regret for his actions.

He went out of the Metropolitan Special Programs Centre approximately 9.45 a.m., dressed in a white Hugo Boss shirt, black track trousers, sunglasses, and a Covid-19 mask, and towards a Toyota Corolla escorted by something like a Corrective Services officer. Mohammed Skaf’s and brother Bilal Skaf’s terrible jail records can be disclosed as they prepare to get out of prison 21 years after the brutal sexual assaults of the gang that bears his name.

Being imprisoned did not halt the Skaf brothers’ heinous behavior and behavior towards women, as seen by their gang’s demeaning and brutal rapes. Since being imprisoned in late 2000, the Skaf brothers have shown little regard for authority or inclination to be rehabilitated or show regret for their misdeeds.

Mohammed Skaf, while still a child at the Kariong Juvenile Detention Facility, made sexually explicit gestures to female employees and claimed his accusers were consenting participants. However, it was his brother Bilal’s conduct early in his extended jail sentence that concerned even the toughest prison guards. The tragic sequence of events began in September 2002, when Bilal celebrated his 21st birthday behind bars with the imposition of his 55-year jail term.

Why Was Mohammed Skaf Released From Prison? Everything About Notorious Gang Rapist

Mohammed Skaf notorious rapist ( Source: National Criminal Lawyers)


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Why Was Mohammed Skaf Released From Prison?

The common public is interrogating Why Was Mohammed Skaf Released From Prison? The infamous personality Mohammed Skaf has set a bad example in society with his heinous acts.

Skaf was given release two years before his 23-year term came to an end. Waiting until the conclusion of his term would have created an “intolerable danger,” according to the NSW parole board, which granted him release in September. According to the chair of the State Parole Authority, David Frearson, “this is the last chance to oversee a safe transfer into the community in the limited window of time that we have left.”

Why Was Mohammed Skaf Released From Prison? Everything About Notorious Gang Rapist

Sydney gang rapist Mohammed Skaf walks freely on the road (Source: X99News)

For community safety, release without order or monitoring makes little sense. Skaf has already been denied bail many times, in part due to a lack of contrition, according to the parole board. Skaf “has exhibited no change in his attitude toward his offenses since the commencement of his term” and “persists in blaming the police,” according to a pre-release report produced by NSW Corrective Services in 2017. He’s been denied parole three times since then.

The Skaf rapes became well-known after Mohammed, as well as other gang members, were apprehended in 2000. Nine individuals were finally found guilty of the offenses, which were termed by the convicting district court judge, Michael Finnane QC, as “worse than murdering” at the period. His release includes being electronically tracked 24 hours a day and been prohibited from visiting specific areas of western Sydney.

Who Is Bilal Skaf?

Bilal Skaf is a prolific gang rapist who commanded groups of Lebanese-Australian males who raped women and girls around Sydney throughout 2000.

Skaf is undergoing a 31-year sentence with a 28-year non-parole term for his crimes, and he will be available for parole in 2033. He was originally condemned to 55 years in prison with a 40-year non-parole term, but his punishment was changed numerous times when he appealed.

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Crimes Of Skaf Brothers

Bilal Skaf headed a group that committed a spree of gang rapes on women and girls as young as 14 years old in Sydney in 2000. Nine individuals, such as Skaf, were condemned to more than 240 years in prison in 2002.

At the time of arrest, Skaf was engaged. While his fiancée supported him throughout his trial, she called it quits shortly after his conviction. Skaf’s reaction was to draw cartoons of his ex-fiancée being raped and murdered. Skaf has remained unrepentant since he was initially accused in November 2000. During his trial, he claimed he was only engaging in consensual intercourse, smiled as his verdict was read aloud, and shouted at the judge when he was sentenced.

Skaf’s 55-year sentence was commuted to a maximum of 28 years by the New South Wales Court of Criminal Appeal on September 16, 2005, with parole-eligible after 22 years. NSW Attorney-General Bob Debus determined that the government will pursue permission to appeal the sentence decrease to the High Court of Australia. After a petition for review against one of his convictions, his punishment had already been reduced to 46 years.

Attackers of Sydney Gang Rapes

The three attacks in August 2000 were led and organized by Bilal Skaf. He was originally sentenced to 55 years in jail, but the New South Wales Court of Criminal Appeal modified his sentencing for these assaults to 28 years in prison, with no release for the first 22 years. Nevertheless, on July 28, 2006, Temporary Justice Jane Mathews increased his sentence by ten years for his participation in the rape on August 12. After it was found that two prosecutors had done their own investigations at Gosling Park, his first conviction was overturned in 2004, and a retrial was scheduled.

One of the gang rapists was Mohammed Skaf, Bilal Skaf’s younger brother. For his involvement in the gang rapes, he was sentenced to 32 years in prison, but on appellate, his punishment was lowered to 19 years in prison with an 11-year non-parole term. On July 28, 2006, he was given an extra 15 years in prison for the Gosling Park incident, with a baseline of seven and a half years. From July 1, 2019, he would be up for parole.

Belal Hajeid, a 20-year-old gang rapist, was convicted and sentenced to 23 years in jail, including a 15-year non-parole period. On appealing, Hajeid’s sentence was reduced.

Mohammed Sanoussi, an 18-year-old gang rapist, was condemned to 21 years in prison with a 12-year non-parole term for the rapes between August 10 and 30. On appeal, Sanoussi’s sentence was reduced to 16 years. Sanoussi’s brother and cousin were barred from seeing him in jail for three months following a boisterous altercation with authorities at the Kariong Juvenile Justice Centre, in which he was imprisoned shortly after his conviction.

Mahmoud Chami, aged 20, was sentenced to 18 years in prison with a ten-year non-parole period. Chami appealed his sentence unsuccessfully in 2004.

Tayyab Sheikh was subsequently retried and sentenced to eight years and six months in jail, with a four-year and six-month non-parole period. In late June 2007, he was freed from jail. Mohammed Ghanem, aged 19, was the last person to be condemned, receiving a 40-year sentence with a 26-year non-parole period for two charges of rape. Ghanem, like his co-defendants Bilal and Mohammed Skaf, exhibited no remorse for his crimes and instead chose to “tough this out” in the Kariong Juvenile Justice Centre while awaiting sentencing.

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Bilal Skaf Life Behind Bars

Bilal Skaf began his term at Sydney’s Long Bay Correctional Centre but was quickly transferred to Goulburn Gaol’s highest security unit after prison authorities discovered intentions by other convicts to infuse him using HIV-infected blood.

He was accused in March 2003 of writing a strongly worded letter to Ron Woodham, the Commissioner of Corrective Services. The letter had already been discovered in a prison mailbox on the inside.

Why Was Mohammed Skaf Released From Prison? Everything About Notorious Gang Rapist

Mohammed Skaf Brother: Bilal Skaf (Source: 9News)

Skaf’s jail cell was discovered with drawings depicting gang rape in July 2003, while he was awaiting a court hearing for the letter incident. His previous fiancée, with whom he had broken up in March 2003, was represented in the paintings as a victim of assault and rape. She sanction imposed phone calls and letters when she severed her connections with Skaf. Skaf believed he would be greeted as a hero by Lebanese convicts, including gangland killer Michael Kanaan, according to prison officers. Rather, he was singled out for putting the blame on their neighborhood. Skaf has not expressed contrition for his actions, according to Commissioner Woodham.

Life After Release

Skaf’s behavior in jail had improved considerably over the previous two years, and he had considerable parental support. According to the SPA, “there has been a significant alteration in the claimant’s view of the indecent assault conviction, to the degree that he acknowledges that “maybe” the victim’s permission was not provided.” “He really was 17 years old but is now 38 years old, but he’d never be in that circumstance again,” the petitioner said. ‘Are you pleased to be free?’ reporters inquired. ‘Do you repent for your act?’ but he never responded.

He was transported to his family’s house in Greenacre, in Sydney’s southwest, where he would reside with his parents, younger brother, and sister. When he arrived, he was greeted with shouts of joy, and Skaf’s mother greeted him as he went through the front door. Since making such statements, Skaf has allegedly accepted some responsibility for his conduct and expressed a desire to marry, have children, find work, and study design.

There were no Facebook, Instagram, or smartphones when he was initially imprisoned as a youngster. The World Trade Center was still up, and Prime Minister John Howard was just midway through his four-year tenure.

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