Why Is Cleveland Abduction Trending All Over The World?

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Why Is Cleveland Abduction Trending All Over The World?
Why Is Cleveland Abduction Trending All Over The World?

Why is Cleveland Abduction trending all over the world? After the Netflix listing of the Lifetime drama Cleveland Abduction which chronicles the crimes of Ariel Castro, viewers took their impressions to social media, and the movie started trending all over the place. The shock of awe of the harrowing picture and its dark scenes left many in panic!

If you’re not familiar with Cleveland Abduction, it is a 2015 Lifetime movie based upon a true story. It isn’t for everyone as it chronicles a very sickening case. Reader, beware that this post contains references to sexual abuse. So if these themes cause you any discomfort or anxiety, you’ve been warned. Without further ado, let’s begin.

Why is Cleveland Abduction Trending All Over The World?
Taryn Manning as Amanda Berry

Why Is Cleveland Abduction Trending All Over The World?

The 2015 Lifetime movie “Cleveland Abduction”, recently listed by worldwide streaming platform Netflix, chronicles the crimes of Ariel Castro. A school bus driver kidnapped two girls and locked them in his basement. And over the course of a decade proceeded to repeatedly sexually abuse them to satisfy his twisted desires. Moreover, the movie describes in a crude manner how even he managed to get one of the girls pregnant and forced her to have a child in an inflatable bathtub in the basement of his house, denying her any medical attention.

The movie stars Taryn Manning, whom you might recall for her role in the dramedy Orange is The New Black as one of the girls. Additionally, the movie is very intense and dramatic. And it captures the pain and suffering of the girls and their families. Moreover, while some of the viewers on social media considered it to be a work of fiction, the movie is based upon the terrible true story of Amanda Berry and Michelle Knight. Two women managed to escape the living hell they were living because their captor forgot to lock the door one day. In sum, that’s why the movie is trending worldwide. Thanks for reading our article, and please keep coming back to Otakukart for more daily updates on all things entertainment. See you soon!

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