Who is Troydan’s Girlfriend? Past Relationship & Work Life

Troydan Girlfriend

Who is Troydan’s Girlfriend? What do we know about the Canadian YouTuber’s love life and work details? He is originally known as Daniel Warren-Biers. He is a content creator on social media. Troydan is himself a great player. All the sports-lovers who are very much into social media, gaming, and basketball, must know who he is. Hailing from Canada, he gained fame from his NBA 2K and Madden-related videos. His videos are also based on Fortnite and Roblox gaming videos, challenging videos, general vlogs, and also videos on some retro game throwbacks. Not to forget to mention his outstanding gaming skills, for which he has earned a massive number of fans and followers on different social media sites. We shall cover up his familiarity in number in the later section of this article.

Recently, a couple of days back, Troydan posted on his Twitter account the news of his split with his current girlfriend. Fans who haven’t followed him up or haven’t come across the post now want to know who Troydan’s Girlfriend is? Not only that, but people are also curious to know their split story. What’s happening in his love life at present? If you want to know about Troydan’s fame in the work field and girlfriend, you must read this article till the very last word.

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Who is Troydan’s Girlfriend?

It was at the beginning of August 2020 when the Canadian Youtuber Troydan broke up with his then-girlfriend Kate. He confessed himself to being devastated at that time. Thus, he took a break from social media. Troydan also revealed the reason for their split. He stated though they loved each other, Kate wasn’t happy with him as they were not compatible with each other. Also, there was a lack of communication between the two.

Who is Troydan's Girlfriend
Troydan’s Split with his Girlfriend

After splitting up with Kate, Troydan started dating Kaila. It is not confirmed since when they are dating each other. However, it is assumed to be during a few months after August 2020. It was on 24 January 2022 when he made the news of his breakup with Kaila on his Twitter account. The split was likely to happen a few hours before the live stream. At that time, Troydan confirmed to feel miserable and stated there were some other things too that were going on, and that’s what is triggering him. Seeing him, it is assumed Kaila took the initiative of this split. However, Troydan clarified the fact that Kaila is not liable for their breakup, adding it was his fault as he wasn’t there when she needed him around. He was struggling to balance between his professional and personal lives and failed to explain the situation without breaking into tears.

Now, Troydan has also stated that everything happened in the heat of the moment. Stating this, he confirmed they wouldn’t be doing anything that would make their fans worry. So, now it is unclear if they have sorted things out between them. Hoping the mutual patch-up to take place real soon.

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Troydan’s Career & Other Details

Besides knowing the Youtuber’s love life, his fans have shown their desire to learn more about his professional details and some other things like age, birthplace, etc.

Troydan's Girlfriend

How Old Is Troydan? Height & Weight

The versatile gaming Youtuber, Troydan was born on 15 September 1987. That makes him 35 years old as in January 2022. He was born in Toronto, Canada. However, at present, he lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. As far as his height and weight are concerned, he is 1.91 meters tall and weighs 102 Kg.

Career Fame

At the beginning of this article, we read about the content of his videos which are mostly centered on basketball and the NBA. It was in January 2006 when Troydan started his Youtube channel. After 16 long years, now he has over 3.05 million subscribers on the same platform. If you haven’t watched any of his videos, you must check them below.

Besides this, he is also quite active on Twitch and Tiktok, where he has 675,000 and 490,000 followers as of the end of January 2022. We know how successful Troydan is in his profession.

We hope his relationship with Kaila improves with time.

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