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Who is Stalekracker? Know The Viral TikTok Star


TikTok has been sensational over the years, providing a beautiful platform to people who were in desperate need to showcase their talent. Talented people are not always granted screen time on a talent show on TV. So, then TikTok made it possible to them who needed to reach the world. And simultaneously showcase their talent on the world’s screens. Now the size of the screens might be a tad bit smaller than the TV screens. But if the talent is eye-catching, then one is bound to become a superstar on the respective platforms. YouTube was a veteran when it came to providing a platform to talents. But nowadays, Instagram and TikTok are proving the cushioning too. Stalekracker is one of those talented people who could draw in people’s attention in seconds with his mesmerizing culinary skills.

Stalekracker has been appreciated worldwide. His culinary skills are out of the world and are mainly entertaining as well as fascinating to see what he does. He is one such talented person who could justify the reasons for platforms like TikTok’s existence.

Who is Stalekracker? What Does He Do on TikTok?

Stalekracker is an American social media influencer. He came into prominence and popularity through his fascinating culinary skills and recipes. Stalekracker is a man of 6 feet height with Hazel Brown eyes and Light Brown Hair. He supports a Western accent while he creates his content and is considered humorous and informative.


Stalekracker in action

The culinary “master” has not ever publicly come out and disclosed his name. “Stalekracker” is the name that is associated with him throughout his presence on social media. He is considered to be leading a happy married life with two kids named Karlee and Benjamin. It is still unclear what is his real name. But it is discovered that he started at TikTok at a very unintentional phase of his life. He just wanted to showcase what he does well. Slowly and steadily, he caught up with the trends on the platform. His profile engagement was off the charts and soon enough started gaining attention and fans. Now he stands at a thumping 4.9 million fans on TikTok and over 333k followers on Instagram. Besides gram and TikTok, he is very active on YouTube, too, with 301k subscribers on it. He has agreed to one fact, which is that shorter clips have helped him do wonders on social media platforms rather than long videos.

He makes his recipes seem so easy and quick that even a kid watching his videos would want to cook them. A man with a beautiful set of skills and passionate cooking will boost the will to produce videos of different meals over the past year or so. In the time being, he also owns a couple of merchandise which completely marks him as a brand in the market of social media.

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How Stalekracker Started His Inspiring Journey?

Stalekracker was called to the HowToBBQRight podcast recently for an interview. He was humble enough to spare a few words on his journey. He was brought into the world of TikTok through his sixteen-year-old daughter. It’s his observant mind which caught his attention over TikTok and its uses. His daughter helped him out with the platform, and then he decided to put a video of making Ball Shrimps. So straight away, his positivity and skills came to the attention of a lot of people. His video got around 2 million hits, and then his wife had told her to continue showcasing his skills, humor, and passion on the platform. Ever since then, he did not stop.

He had initially launched a cookbook, too, which is a compilation of all his favorite recipes. His sole purpose was to help people see the 60-second cooking video and use the cookbook to make something delicious. And he was glad to find people appreciating his video’s comment section. Over the past year or so, he has built a beautiful community of audiences who appreciates him daily. His fan base has a range of 5 to 80 years old. A diverse community like this could never perish to a social media platform, and that’s a given.

Sir Gordon Ramsay and Stalekracker

Sir Gordon Ramsay reacting to Stalekracker on TikTok

Inspiringly he is in no mood to stop because of the high he gets from the appreciation and the positivity from his audience, which includes famous Michelin Star awardee Sir Gordon Ramsay, who reacted on his steak video on TikTok and the instant felt nothing less than enlightenment to him. Hence, his binge-worthy 60-sec TikTok videos or shorts are just as inspiring as his journey to the top.

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