Who is Nathan from Too Hot to Handle Series 3?

Who is Nathan from Too Hot to Handle Series 3?
Nathan Soan Mngomezulu

Nathan from Too Hot to Handle Series 3 may not have won the show, but he definitely won Holly’s heart. It seems that Lana found him his partner and changed his playboy ways as he wanted before going to the show. His Instagram bio is also captioned as the most wanted of Lana. Furthermore, Nathan is tagged as the international playboy that literally never leaves any chance for hooking with different girls and has flown across countries for it. @Nathsoan is his IG handle, and Next management represents the fashion model.

It could be said that Nathan is the tallest among all the contestants. Several rules of Lana were broken by Nathan and Holly throughout the series. Episode 8 saw the breaking of their most expensive rule wherein they reduced the prize fund to direct $0 from $36,000 after having sex. Nathan also paid a huge prize for rule-breaking, which resulted in his elimination. He returned in episode 9 after Lana gave him an opportunity of doing well in a one-on-one workshop. Later on, the pair, Nathan and Holly, said the three magical words to each other in the final episode.

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Who is Nathan from Too Hot to Handle Series 3?

Nathan from Too Hot to Handle Series 3 full name is Nathan Soan Mingomezulu. Soan was among the contestants that saw its appearance in season 3 of Netflix’s Too Hot to Handle. He could be said to have the fourth highest Instagram followers with 46.5 followers. Nathan is also one of the contestants who appeared from the beginning until the show’s ending. However, he got eliminated in episode 8 but came back again in episode 9 and was the runner-up of the series. Nathan is twenty-four years old currently, and the winner couple also does not have as many followers on Instagram as him. 

Nathan from Too Hot to Handle Series 3?
Model Nathan during the Too Hot to Handle show

Nathan’s Profession is Modelling

Nathan is a model who hails from South Africa’s Cape Town. He explains the reason for being single before coming to the show due to him being a picky guy. Furthermore, he always has been a model since nineteen years of age. The African model describes himself as cheeky and super confident but a very nice guy. His father is British, and his mother is Zulu. Nathan also says that his hometown is very small once everyone knows who’s who in the Zu. 

One could say that Nathan is a party guy but a certified international lover. He has dated a Swedish person, an American person, a Russian person, a German person, and a Spanish person. There are also definitely more countries that he would like to tick off. His first steps are a bit of eye contact, a bit of a wink, and a bit of a smile. He also advises everyone to start their way in such a manner. Also, spending a night with him is like spending a night in Paris, and one could definitely expect to see the Eiffel Tower.

Nathan’s Netflix Introduction

Nathan describes himself as the most notorious party animal of Cape Town that leaves no stone unturned for sweeping girls while attending every event in his Netflix introduction bio. The model is also a free spirit and fun-loving that could talk any girl into his bed and has gab’s gift. But, Soan also gets bored easily with a short attention span and high energy levels. He loves games but does not like rules as he is an international playboy. Before coming to the show, he mentioned that at least without the help of Lana, he would not give up his single life anytime soon. 

Are Nathan and Holly Still Together after Too Hot to Handle Series 3?
Nathan and Holly kissed during Too Hot to Handle series 3

What Happened to Nathan and Holly’s Relationship after Too Hot to Handle Series 3?

Nathan has found his partner in Holly Scarfone in Too Hot to Handle Series 3. It is not known exactly what will happen to Nathan and Holly’s relationship after the show. However, it seems that they are pretty much together currently, as evident from their Instagram posts. Nathan stated during an interview that they had met at least once in London after the filming of the show. They had a great time on and off the show, and they did their thing after she came to London.

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