Who Is Mimi Kennedy Dating? The Actress’s Love Life & Notable Works

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Here, we will discuss who Mimi Kennedy is dating. What do we know about the actress’  relationship details and notable works that have made her so famous in the industry? Starting from the basics, originally known as Mary Claire ‘Mimi’ Kennedy has gained massive prominence and fame with her role of Ruth Sloan in Homefront. Talking about some of Mimi’s hit films, the list includes Man in the Chair, Midnight in Paris, The Five Year Engagement, The Twilight Zone, Bless This House, and many more. Despite not getting any opportunity for a big role, she has proved herself as one of the finest actors in the industry.

Knowing so many things related to her work life, people are interested to learn the details of her personal life. Well, it’s nothing to hide about. Mimi isn’t dating anyone but is already hitched by the love of her life. Also, she is the mother of a couple of children. To know more about who Mimi Kennedy is dating, I would highly recommend you to read this article to the very end.

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Who Is Mimi Kennedy Dating?

When it comes to her love life, Mimi Kennedy is married to Larry Dilg. In case you are not much aware of him, Larry Dilg is an actor who gained fame for his role in Ghostbusters. Apart from this, he has also starred in The New Mike Hammer, Strangers Kiss, and a few more. However, later he became a professional English teacher. Little did you know, he served as the teacher of Annie Pott’s son, who pursued a major degree in the same subject in the latter days.

Mimi Kennedy Dating
Mimi Kennedy, with her husband Larry Dilg

Coming back to their relationship, Mimi and Larry met each other via a computer dating program back in 1966. Sounds strange? Well, this was before online dating, making their bond a way more beautiful and unique from the others. The dating program is called ‘Operation Match’. Mimi and Larry dated each other for more than a decade and later decided to tie the knot on 27 May 1978. Also, the duo shares a couple of children, whom they have named Cisco Dilg and Molly Dilg, respectively.

In an interview, when asked about her husband, Mimi confessed that he is the best thing that has ever happened to her life to date. She stated that every long-term relationship has ups and downs, and their bond doesn’t make any exception. However, at the end of the day, they decide to stick to each other, and that’s what is keeping them strong. Also, both seem to be very supportive and understanding to each other, which plays a vital role in a relationship. In brief, Mimi and Larry are leading a blissfully happy life together.

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Notable Works & Other Details

The versatile actress Mimi Kennedy was born on 25 September, which makes her 73 years old at present. Even at this age, she is excelling in her profession and proving herself the best. She was born in Rochester, New York City, United States. The actress is pretty active on social media, more precisely on Instagram having 49.6K followers as of now.

Mimi Kennedy Dating
Mimi Kennedy- one of the best actors in the Hollywood industry

Now, she is busy filming for her upcoming film, which goes by the name ‘Going Places’. However, the release date is yet to be announced. Some of her hit works include Best Friends Forever, Switched at Birth, The Brink, Pump Up The Volume, Due Date, Veep, American Playhouse, etc. One of the most notable ones is Mom (2013-2021). Mimi has also starred in Drop Dead Diva, ABC Weekend Specials, and other shows. Besides her great acting skills, Mimi also has the capability of writing, making her a good author. She has penned down the book titled Taken to the Stage: The Education of an Actress.

Best Wishes to Mimi Kennedy for the upcoming days of her life!

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