Who Is Miles Teller’s Wife? About The Top Gun Actor’s Ladylove

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Miles Teller wife

Popular actor Miles Teller made a prominent name for himself in the Entertainment industry after being a part of several notable movies. The Whiplash actor has often maintained a low-profile personal life and kept it all away from the media spotlight. Teller himself stepped away from the limelight and the industry after 2017. Fans are going to see the actor return after his brief sabbatical in the upcoming Tom Cruise starrer movie Top Gun: Maverick. Miles was reportedly the first choice to play the lead role in the hit movie La La Land.

While fans are not quite aware of Miles Teller’s personal life, the actor is happily married to Keleigh Sperry. Sperry has teamed up with modeling agency One Model for several assignments. Miles and Keleigh recently went in a fun trio with Shailene Woodley and her fiance Aaron Rodgers. Sperry uploaded some fun pictures from their trip to Hawaii, and it seems like both the couple had a fun-filled gateway.

Who Is Miles Teller’s Wife: About The Whiplash Star’s Better Half!

Keleigh Sperry is not exactly from the entertainment industry but has been a part of the modeling world for quite a while now. Sperry has tried her acting skills in the movie Opeth – The Devil’s Orchard.  The model and actress are quite active on social media, and followers can often see her posting mushy pictures with Miles Teller. Most of these snaps are from their fun trips or Sperry’s modeling escapades. The model recently made headlines after all the pictures from Hawaii went on to become viral in no time.

Miles Teller wife

The couple reportedly met at an after-party and instantly hit it off. Miles and Sperry dated for a few years before putting a ring on the relationship! Back in 2017, popped the question in a romantic safari trip in South Africa. The two soon exchanged wedding vows in 2019. Keleigh Sperry is a Taylor Swift fan as well!

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The Top Gun: Maverick Actor Opens up About His Marriage With Keleigh Sperry!

While talking about their whirlwind romance and being together during quarantine, the Whiplash actor says that life is pretty great as Sperry keeps him calm, and they just hang out. Teller further explained that unlike a lot of their friends whose relationships got put under a magnifying glass during these times, they are not facing any such issues. The actor also gave a pretty good message saying that once you get married, you make that ultimate commitment.

Life seems to be a lot less stressful for the actor as he knows that his ladylove is going to be by his side. Rather it seems like quarantine made their bond all the more special. Miles and Keleigh share their love for landscaping. The Top Gun actor revealed that they started working on their backyard and planted a lemon tree, hydrangeas, and a rose garden. With some extra time at hand, then did some work in the backyard and wanted to do a little experimentation with colors. Keeling has Sperry took to social media and posted a mushy picture with her husband while being his valentine for 8 long years.

Who Is Miles Teller’s Wife: The Couple Recently Went On A Fun Trip To Hawaii!

While both Miles and Keleigh have a shared interest in traveling, the two were recently joined by Shailene Woodley and Aaron Rodgers. Shailene and Miles are close friends, and the actress has called him her brother for life!  Fans can visit Sperry’s social media and watch the exclusive new video where she and Aaron Rodgers are performing a Taylor Swift song! Both of them are Swift fans, it seems and the video is also captioned as Swifties!

Miles Teller Wife

The two couples recently had a fun gateway that included hiking and an interesting karaoke session!  Both the pairs had earlier Kentucky Derby while accompanied by a few other friends as well. Shailene and Miles were co-stars in the hit movie The Spectacular Now. The two are quite close and often go on double dates and trips with their significant other.

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