Who Is Lee Hyeri’s Boyfriend? Who Is The ‘Reply 1988’ Actress Dating?

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Lee Hyeri boyfriend
Lee Hyeri and Ryu Jun Yeol

The Girl’s Day member, Nation’s Little Sister, and a very beloved actress Lee Hyeri has won our hearts in whatever she does. But are you curious about the one who won her heart? The Korean entertainment industry is a place where couples tend to stay low-key and keep their relationships a secret. Any couple who is vocal about their relationship comes as a whiff of fresh air. In case you are wondering who Lee Hyeri’s boyfriend is, you’ve arrived at the right place.

We have seen Hyeri in plenty of iconic dramas like Reply 1988 and My Roommate is a Gumiho. More recently, she was in the period drama Moonshine, where she played a totally different and challenging role. Hyeri was considered Nation’s little sister because of her appearance on Real Men. If you have watched Reply 1988, I am sure you have shipped Hyeri’s character Duk Seon with Jung Hwan. The characters might not have got their happy ending in the show, much to the remorse of many viewers. But, the actors might have found their happy endings in each other.

Who Is Lee Hyeri’s Boyfriend?

As you could’ve guessed, Lee Hyeri’s boyfriend is her Reply 1988 co-star Ryu Jun Yeol. They have been dating since 2016 and have been going strong since then. Reply 1988 was the highest-rated K-Drama during its time on air. The audience felt a personal connection with every character, and the actors became household names too. Ryu Jun Yeol actually began his career with indie films but rose to popularity because of his role in Reply 1988. People really loved the chemistry between Hyeri and Jun Yeol’s characters. The characters don’t end up together. But Hyeri and Jun Yeol did, and we can’t be any happier about this fact. After all, we all love seeing our on-screen ships transcend beyond just the screen and into reality. It brings back some faith in love in the 21st century full of casual dating.

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Lee Hyeri boyfriend
Hyeri and Jun Yell in Reply 1988

How Did Hyeri And Jun Yeol Fall In Love?

The duo met and fell in love during their shooting schedules for Reply 1988. Hyeri has candidly told in interviews how Jun Yeol helped her ease her nervousness. She admitted she was scared of calling him up, as they didn’t know each other well. But Jun Yeol really helped her put her mind to ease. As per reports, Jun Yeol still does the same for his beloved girlfriend.

After the show finished, they had already started dating, but their agencies confirmed the news in 2017. Well, better late than never. One of the beautiful reunions between them was when they won the award, an award together, and held hands on stage after receiving it. We also got a beautiful selfie of the two from the event.

Lee Hyeri boyfriend
Hyeri and Jun Yeol in Reply 1988

The couple’s chemistry gained momentum when they appeared in Reply’s concert. It was an event held after the show became so popular. Hyeri and Jun Yeol seemed very close and even danced together.

The couple is quite private about their relationship. But they are seen going on cute dates every now and then. Both of them never shy away from giving updates and talking about each other in interviews. During the initial days of their relationship, they often commented on each other’s Instagram posts. The duo even posted pictures with each other after Reply came to an end. Hyeri and Jun Yeol enthusiasts are living for these moments. Small but impactful.

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Current Update On Hyeri And Jun Yeol’s Relationship

When Hyeri’s drama “My Roommate is a Gumiho” came out last year, some people had started speculating about the breakup between the two. Because of the great chemistry between Hyeri and her co-star Dang Ki Yong, these rumors started getting riled up. But both of them were quick to quiet down all these baseless rumors. They were seen on a date, and fans rejoiced over the fact that Hyeri and Jun Yeol are still together.

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Lee Hyeri boyfriend
Ryu Jun Yeol and Hyeri cr: @ryusdb/Instagram

Lee Hyeri always has nice things to speak about her boyfriend. During a recent interview after her show Moonshine ended, Hyeri revealed how her boyfriend is her biggest supporter. She said that he watches every episode very diligently and gives his opinions on how he enjoyed watching it. Even in earlier interviews, Hyeri has said that how she and Jun Yeol are busy with their schedules, but they still are very happy together.

After all, coming back to someone you love after a long day is the best feeling ever. We are always rooting for this couple and only wish for them to be together for a long time.

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