Who Is Joe Locke Dating? All About The Heartstopper Actor’s Personal Life

Joe Locke Dating
Joe Locke Dating

Want to know whether Heartstopper Star Joe Locke dating someone or not? Netflix’s newest series Heartstopper revolves around Charlie as he navigated his life through all the high school drama and soon bumps into popular rugby player, Nick. As they both adjust through school, they develop a beautiful friendship and maybe something more.

The British coming-of-age series has been widely applauded and the lead star is looking forward to more meaningful projects that will surely make a difference. Joe Locke is the newest heartthrob in town! Thanks to the Netflix teen show, Heartstopper, fans cannot get over the chemistry that fictional couple Charlie and Nick share on-screen. While their reel life romance is grabbing eyeballs, is Joe Locke dating someone in real life? Is he dating one of his co-stars? Well, we are about to find that out! 

Who Is Joe Locke Dating? Here’s What We Know

Joe Locke has not opened up about his personal life and his relationship status is still under wraps. The Netflix star has not made any such confirmation on social media as well. The young star is quite popular on Instagram and Tiktok. While Locke was romantically linked with co-star Sebastian Croft( Ben Hope), it turned out to be a mere rumor. The two are, however, very good friends.

Joe Locke Dating
Joe Locke In Heartstopper

The series has been an absolute hit with fans eagerly looking forward to a possible second season. Even lead star Joe Locke has opened up about the role and how he wants to tell stories that he wants to see more of on-screen.

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Joe Locke Opens Up About His Big Netflix Break!

As Joe Locke gained amassed a huge fan following after playing Charlie Spring in Netflix’s Heartstopper, the actor was cast as Charlie after attending an open casting call. While talking about his casting, Locke explained how the role was meant to be for him! Not to forget how Locke was selected amongst 10,000 young actors to play Charlie Spring in the Netflix show that is loosely based on the graphic novel bearing the same name by Alice Osman. Don’t forget to watch Heartstopper which is currently streaming on Netflix.

Joe further revealed how when he first heard about the audition, he read the comics and saw so much of himself in Charlie and so much of what his own school experience was like. The actor admitted that he wanted to be a part of the project because he felt like there are not many shows out there that depict the positives of growing up as a queer person.

The Heartstopper Star Reveals His Dream Role!

The actor has started how he is looking forward to doing more meaningful projects and admitted that he would love to play the first gay Disney prince while calling the role an absolute dream. Locke loved his role in Heartstopper as he felt like it was great that there’s a story in which they could show younger queer kids that they deserve happiness. Fans surely hyped the actor up as many agrees that Joe Locke will make an excellent Disney Prince.

Joe Locke Dating
Joe Locke

Now that the Netflix show has been a massive hit amongst subscribers, the young actor might soon land his dream role. Locke has earlier said that he hopes people will see themselves in the Netflix show and that’s what he wants to convey to young queer people.