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Who Does Yuno Gasai End Up With? The Future Diary Love-Story

Who does Yuno Gasai end up with
The Future Diary Love Story.

Future Diary remains one of the most popular survival anime. The anime introduces gory themes and insane twists that took several viewers by surprise. Yuno Gasai, the yandere deuteragonist of the series, makes a remarkable appearance in the show; one where she is both the most hated as well as the most loved character.

With her ruthless presence and supreme survival skills, she seemed to make a prominent place in every viewer’s list of favorites. She left behind corpses, even of herself, and proved to be a killing machine. But she held the Diary of Love. So who did Yuno Gasai end up with? Her obsession with Yuki was clear but was it what we call love?

Yuno Gasai holds the key to several mysteries that keep revolving around the story of Future Diary. What seems like a generic survival story turns out to be far more complicated once we discover the corpses of Yuno who is also alive. It’s the mystery of Future Diary that makes it such a unique brilliancy and it’s Yuno that gives Future Diary this shape of mystery. She is known as one of the best yandere characters to exist and like most yandere characters, Yuno is filled with (too much) love.

So who did Yuno Gasai end up with? Did she give her love story the happy ending she wanted?

Who is Yuno Gasai – Character Description

Yuno is a 14-year-old girl who loves Yuki with all her heart and soul. In the God Candidate tournament, she is the owner of the Diary of Future Love which predicts all moves of Yukiteru Amano. She is ruthless and would do anything to keep Yuki by her side. Although she has an extremely soft corner for Yuki, she is also equally brutal to her enemies. This negative side of her rose from years of mental and physical abuse that her mother inflicted on her after her father left. Once her parents died, she grew insane. Unable to cope with her now lonely life, Yuno kept the corpses of her parents with her and often even talked to them.

Yuno Gasai

Yuno Gasai: The Deadliest Yandere Ever.

When she is not being an insane psychopath, Yuno is rather sweet, fragile, and a typical girl in love. She remains so until enemies approach them and she turns into a cold and tactical killer in seconds. Despite all her insane and dark sides, Yuno is an exceptionally skilled fighter and can be credited to be the sole reason why Yuki survives half of the time.

Who Does Yuno Gasai End Up With?

Yuno is obsessed with Yuki. We call it obsession because what she feels is too unhealthy to be called love. She chases after him all the time and it’s no secret when we say that she really really wants to be with him. So who does Yuno Gasai end up with? Yuno does end up with Yuki but there is a dramatic twist to it. Yuno does not end up with Yuki in the series. Instead, to see her true ending, you will need to watch the OVA titled ‘Future Diary Redial’. Due to the three multiverses, the love story of Yuki and Yuno is difficult to track. But if you go through these worlds and their endings, you will see their story aligning perfectly.


Yuno Gasai

Yuno in The First World

The first world is the original, created by Deus Ex Machina. After the Survival Game starts, things go much as planned until Yuki and Yuno are the last two remaining. They plan on committing double suicide but Yuno has different plans. Yuki dies by suicide which makes Yuno the God. She plans on resurrecting Yuki but is devastated to find that even with God’s powers, she cannot bring back the dead.

Horrified, Yuno goes back in time, creating an entirely new world and annihilating the original world since she abandoned it.

Yuno Gasai In The Second World

After abandoning the first world, Yuno enters the second world. Right after entering the second world, she kills the pre-existing Yuno Gasai and takes her place. The story of Future Diary from episode 1 takes place in this world. Yuno planned on continuing to win the Survival Game in loops to stay with Yuki forever. Her plan would have worked but the Future changes when Yuki finds the corpses at Gasai Residence.

Yuki wins the Survival Game, becomes God, and creates a third world with Muru Muru, Yuno, and Minene where no Survival Game takes place. However, he stays back as God in the second world to make sure the world does not get destroyed.

Who does Yuno end up with

Yuno Gasai and Yukiteru Amano

Yuno Gasai In The Third World

In the third world, Yuno lives a happy life and so do all the other characters who never have to take part in the Survival Game. They remain alive and live peacefully. However, Yuno feels like something is missing from her life. Yuki in this world ends up with Moe Wakaba. At the same time, Yuki from the second world, who is also God, has been mourning for Yuno for the past 10,000 years.

Feeling like she is missing something, Yuno in the third world ends up finding Yuki. She becomes God after the memories of the first world Yuno gets transferred to her. She breaks through the wall that was separating world 2 and world 3 and reaches Yuki, thus indicating that Yuno Gasai does end up with Yuki; and quite dramatically at that. The two promise to stargaze together.

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