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Gilmore Girls: Who Does Rory Gilmore End Up With?

Poster (Source: Warner Bros. Television)

I think we can all collectively agree that Rory Gilmore needs no man. But, nevertheless, we are also equally curious as to who Rory Gilmore will end up with. Rory Gilmore is a character played by Alexis Bledel from the very famous series Gilmore GirlsGilmore Girls is a rom-com drama TV series that ran for 7 years and 8 seasons between 2000 and 2007. The exact date of its debut is 5th October 2000. For the first 7 seasons, the show was broadcasted on The WB, but it moved to The CW for its final season and ended on 15th May 2007. Gilmore Girls also has a revival season entitled A Year in Life, which came in 2016. The show was famous for its dialogue and drama, and in its 5th season, became WB’s second most popular show. Time Magazine has declared it to be one of the 100 greatest TV shows.

The story is based on two characters, a mother-daughter duo, Lorelai and Rory. They are less like mother-daughter and more like best friends. Lorelai and her rich parents don’t get along, but she has to ask for their help for Rory’s education. Her parents, Emily and Richard, agree, except that they have a condition that Rory and Lorelai join them every Friday night for dinner. Since Lorelai loved being independent, this sets up the show’s first and continuous hurdle. The show is about how mother-daughter relationships can be different. It also throws some light on the ambition of the Gilmore Girls. Lane Kim is also an important character in the show.


Most of the Cast (Source: Warner Bros. Television)

Dean Forester:

At Stars Hollow High School, Rory meets Dean Forester. He was her first love. She loved him so much that she almost didn’t go to Chilton because of him. However, she decides to go as her mother has made huge sacrifices for her. Rory dates Dean for more than 2 seasons, which includes one break-up. This occurred when Dean confessed his love for Rory on their 3 month anniversary, but Rory didn’t feel the same. When Rory debuts in her Emily’s Daughters of the American Revolution Ball, Dean escorts her. Their first kiss was a bit clumsy but all the more delightful.


Dean and Rory (Source: Warner Bros. Television)

But things start getting tricky when she immerses herself in her one true ambition: Harvard. Dean doesn’t like how busy Rory is and complains about not spending time with her. This puts more pressure on Rory, who’s already under the stress of working hard in order to get into Harvard. But then comes Jess Mariano. The first person Jess ever spoke to was Rory. Although Rory was just trying to be friendly at first, she couldn’t help but be allured by Jess’s humor, his bibliophile nature and his charms. Jess flirts with Rory relentlessly. In the third season, Dean already knows he has lost Rory and breaks up with her.

Dean Forester

Rory with Dean (Source: Warner Bros. Television)

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Jess Mariano:

In the very next episode of Dean and Rory’s break-up, Rory is already kissing Jess. Many fans believe that Jess was the right one for Rory, but they couldn’t have met at a more wrong time. Rory and Jess are much like enemies at first, but they do end up hanging out. Jess is a sort of a bad boy, who only listens to Rory. Jess and Rory kiss despite Rory being in a relationship with Dean. And then, she leaves for Washington and doesn’t contact him at all. And Rory’s idea of a stable life has never been without Dean, which is why she never breaks up with him. She starts behaving ludicrously.

Rory and Jess

Jess and Rory (Source: Warner Bros. Television)

They start dating the very day after Dean and Rory break up. Dean and Rory remain friends, which makes Jess insecure. Rory is entirely ignorant of Jess’s feelings and unaware that Dean threatened to beat her boyfriend. Rory drives another nail into the coffin by saying she trusts Dean more than Jess. Jess had a deal with his uncle, Luke, that he can only stay if he graduates. But Jess often plays hooky and ends up not graduating. Luke throws him out, and he goes to California to his estranged father. Thus, indirectly breaking up with Rory. He does return later to tell her he loves her but returns to California again.


Milo Ventimiglia and Alexis Bledel (Credits: Getty Images)

Affair with Dean:

Dean and Rory meet each other again when she is at Yale. We come to know that Dean hastily married a classmate, Lindsay, right after they graduate High School. At first, they were merrily married but Dean had still got more than a soft spot for Rory. His marriage literally falls apart due to his and Rory’s affair. He doesn’t even listen to his wife when she begs him not to see Rory. Rory and Dean end up sleeping together. Lorelai comes to know of this and makes it very clear to Rory that she doesn’t approve of an affair. But Rory ends up sleeping with Dean again when they next meet instead of working things out.

Rory with Dean in Season 4

Rory with Dean in Season 4 (Source: Warner Bros. Television)

In order to diffuse the tension between her mother and herself, Rory agrees to go to Europe with her grandmother. Meanwhile, Lindsay comes to know about Dean’s affair and throws his stuff out. They divorce soon, and Dean and Rory continue dating. That is until Rory meets Logan Huntzberger.

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Logan Huntzberger:

Rory is highly interested in becoming a journalist and soon becomes friends with Logan, who is the son of the owner of a publishing company. She and Dean break up once more. In the beginning, they were more than okay with no labels but Rory soon gets tired of it. When they become official, however, Logan’s parents don’t approve of Rory. Later, to apologize for his behavior, Logan’s father, Mitchum offers Rory an internship. At the end of the internship, however, he lets her know that she can never be a journalist. This makes her angry, and she ends up throwing a tantrum with Logan – and even ends up stealing a yacht.

As a result, she has to spend three hundred hours under community service. This makes Rory rethink her entire life. She takes some time off, which causes her and her mother, Lorelai, to quarrel. The mother-daughter duo, who were once best friends, don’t talk for months. Rory moves to Emily’s house and takes part in her organization, Daughters of the American revolution. They resolve their problems in the 6th season.

Logan and Rory are together till the end of the season, except for a small rut in between when Rory is dead set on becoming a reporter. She does herself as an editor for the Yale Daily News. At Rory’s graduation party, Logan proposes, but Rory declines. She believes that marriage now would handicap all she has achieved. Logan insists that it is now or never. When Rory returns his engagement ring, he leaves. The show ends shortly after Luke’s surprise graduation party.

Rory Gilmore End Up

Rory and Logan (Source: Warner Bros. Television)

So Who Does Rory End Up With?

In the revival season, A Year in Life, we encounter Rory and Lorelai 9 years after the ending of the season. Rory has established herself as a freelance writer, but she was fired from a job. She is dating a guy named Paul, but she is the least bit concerned about him. After their break up she moves on quite easily and ends up making love with a stranger. She ends up going back to Stars Hollow and becomes editor at a gazette there. Meanwhile, Rory also has an affair with Logan – who is engaged with someone else. In the end, it is revealed that she is pregnant, and it is implied that Logan is the father.

Rory Gilmore End Up

Logan and Rory (Source: Warner Bros. Television)

So, in strict terms, Rory doesn’t end up with anyone. However, Rory Gilmore does end up being pregnant with a baby. Alexis, the actress who played Rory, answered Jess when asked who she thought Rory might end up with. Currently, however, there are words about a second revival being on the way, so all we can do is wait.

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