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Where is Schitt’s Creek Filmed? All About The Locations

Schitt's Creek
Schitt's Creek

Schitt’s Creek is a hilarious masterpiece that can leave you laughing for hours, even teach you things and take you through a joy ride. Thus, this Series is a good blend of every emotion that every another family experiences. Viewers consider it to be the best Series in modern times. This mind-blowing series’ few initial episodes are more than enough to stick an audience to itself. Thus, this amazing Series defeated all other nominees in the Emmy Awards and won the Primetime Emmy award for outstanding comedy series, not only this, they won more such awards.

This creation of Dan Levy and Eugene Levy was out in 2015 and ended in 2020. It has 6 seasons, 80 episodes, and every episode was a success in itself. Further, the story is that a married couple and their children are left with no money. However, the mom of those children was an opera star who still went bankrupt and had only a small town which they bought as a joke when they were rich. Now, they have to survive and adjust without money. If we look at other reasons for which Schitt’s Creek is famous, then that is its amazing locations. People wonder — what are Schitt’s Creek filming locations? And where can a person watch it? Well, this article has detailed answers to these questions.

Where is Schitts Creek Filmed?

Schitt’s Creek never hold on to a few sites as the crew went to different locations for different shots. So, that could be a reason as to why people didn’t get their locations. But, the makers revealed that in the first two seasons, they were shooting in Pinewood Toronto Studios, which is in Toronto. After that, the makers went to Dufferin Gate Studios for shooting the rest of the interior scenes. Also, people were curious to know about the motel in Schitt’s Creek because it was in many episodes. So, it is on Hockley Road in Orangeville, Ontario, and certainly not a manmade set for shooting. Therefore, if anyone wants to visit the motel, then they can always.

Schitt's Creek

Schitt’s Creek filming locations

Further, the motel isn’t a regular motel that everyone can afford as it is already very famous. Also, Schitt’s Creek made it more famous with the help of featuring it in every episode. Jessy Tipping is the owner of the motel, and some famous celebrities and sportspeople also visited the motel earlier.

If we look closely, then most of the locations are situated in Canada, so the major part of the shooting of the whole series, Schitt’s Creek, took place in Ontario or Toronto, Canada. Dufferin Gate Studios, Pinewood Toronto Studios, and Revival Studios were the most preferred locations for shooting. Furthermore, there is a small town called Greenwood in Ontario that was the Schitt’s Creek in the Series, Schitt’s Creek. Now, this place was the main location of this Series.

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Where to watch the Series?

All the 80 episodes and 6 seasons of the Canadian Series are available on Netflix and Amazon Prime. People have to subscribe to these platforms to watch as these platforms aren’t free of cost. They charge money to provide services. Also, if a person already subscribed to these platforms, then they can watch anytime they want as the Series Schitt’s Creek is available there in a proper format.

Schitt's Creek

Schitt’s Creek filming locations

Now, if a person doesn’t wanna see the Series on these platforms, then they too have another option. The other option is that they can watch it on CBC Gem in Canada as the Series is available there even after so many months. Furthermore, there is one more option that a person can play the Series Schitt’s Creek on youtube by paying the platform, or they can pay to Google Play Store for it.

Lastly, the Series is worth watching as it has already received a very positive response from the audience. Also, the awards received by the Series can speak louder about its success on Television as they have good awards under their hat.

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