Where Is Pretty Little Liars Filmed? All About The Story And Locations!

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where is pretty little liar filmed
A still from Pretty Little Liars

There are a lot of girls who follow the show and they want to know where Pretty Little Liars is filmed? Everyone has heard about the famous show Pretty Little Liars. It is one of the most famous TV series of all time. Over the years, the show has gained a huge cult-like following. A lot of theories are being made every day about who “A”, a mysterious character, is.

The show, which is based on a novel series of the same name. Throughout the show’s run, the author of the novel made two cameo appearances. Sara Shepard made her first appearance in season one, as Miss Shepard, a substitute teacher. She made her second appearance in season five, where she played Sara Shepard, a news analyst.

The show follows four girls in the fictitious Pennsylvania town of Rosewood. Their friendship is put to the test when their leader and best friend, Alison DiLaurentis goes missing. Pretty Little Liars came to an end in June 2017 after seven seasons, with a two-hour conclusion that left viewers breathless. Now, let us tell you where Pretty Little Liars is filmed.

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Pretty Little Liars’ Storyline

Spencer, Aria, Emily, Hanna, and Alison are Rosewood, Pennsylvania high school students and best mates. Alison vanishes one night while the girls were enjoying a sleepover in Spencer’s barn. Eventually, the girls begin to drift apart.  In season 1, One year after Alison’s disappearance, an anonymous individual, known as “A”, mocks the four girls. He accuses them of knowing their secrets and threatening to reveal them.

where is pretty little liar filmed
A still from Pretty Little Liars

Alison’s body is then discovered. The girls admit to each other during her burial that they had all received messages from “A.” Throughout the series, the four ladies rekindle their friendship and try to figure out what happened to Allison the night she vanished, as well as the identity of “A,” all while facing threats from “A”. The story starts from there and ends after seven seasons.

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Where Is Pretty Little Liars Filmed?

The television show Pretty Little Liars is based in the fictional Pennsylvania town of Rosewood. Filming of the same takes place almost exclusively at Warner Bros. Studio in Burbank, California, with the exception of the pilot. It was shot in Vancouver, Canada.

We see in Season 1, Hanna begins volunteering at Dr. Ackard’s dental practice as a way to work off the damage she caused by smashing Dr. Ackard’s son’s car. She worked in The John Ferraro Building, aka the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power. It is located at 111 North Hope Street in downtown Los Angeles. The interior of Dr. Ackard’s office, as well as Jenna Marshall’s psychologist’s office, which Hanna broke into, is a set pitched inside a Warner Bros. Studio staging.

where is pretty little liar filmed
The cast

At Rosewood Greens Country Club in Rosewood, Pennsylvania, where the series is set, Spencer and her father play a “friendly” game of doubles tennis against one of Spencer’s father’s clients. The club sequences were shot at the Toluca Lake Country Club in Burbank, which is almost next door to Warner Bros. Studio at 6711 Forest Lawn Drive.

In Season 2, Ian Thomas is laid to rest at Rosewood’s local cemetery. The funeral scene was shot at Altadena’s Mountain View Cemetery, located at 2400 North Fair Oaks Avenue. Alison and the girls hide from “A” in the Fitzgerald Theatre in New York City in Season 5. In reality, filming took place at the Orpheum Theatre, located at 842 South Broadway in downtown Los Angeles, about 2,800 miles away from Manhattan.

What Happened In The Finale Of Pretty Little Liars?

Spencer, Hanna, Emily, Aria, and Alison are trapped inside an old school with nowhere to run from Jenna and Noel. They have set out to kill them with a rifle and an ax in the finale. Alison told Emily that she thinks she’s pregnant. Dr. Elliot Rollins might be the father.

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where is pretty little liar filmed
The four female leads in Pretty Little Liar

Noel gets killed by his own ax while attempting to murder the liars. Jenna fires her rifle at the girls, and everyone except Spencer manages to flee. She is seen closing her eyes and appearing to die. Mary Drake interrupts Jenna’s plan to kill Spencer and reveals that she is Spencer’s mother. The identity of A.D., also known as Uber A, has remained a mystery.

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