Where Is ‘Moonlight In Vermont’ Filmed? All About the Locations

Moonlight In Vermont Filming Locations

Hallmark’s ‘Moonlight In Vermont’ is just another sweet cozy love story. We have a female protagonist later accompanied by our hero as she decides to go for a vacation. This vacation is important for the movie as it changes the whole life of these two leads. Speaking of the main characters, we have Fiona Grangely and Chef Derek. The producers chose an excellent spot for the filming of this movie, but where is ‘Moonlight in Vermont’ filmed? If you are a fan of Hallmark movies, you can guess the place easily.

The story flows easily throughout the movie, and a bookworm like me saw the turning point coming far soon. ‘Moonlight In Vermont’ is the story of a successful lady, Fiona, excellent in her field as a high-end real estate broker. Everything seems to be going great in the first few minutes until her boyfriend breaks up reasoning mutual lack of time. At the suggestion of her psychiatrist’s best friend, Angela, Fiona agrees to take a break from work and go on a vacation. The ladies decide to go to Fiona’s family’s Vermont Inn after ages. And there Fiona meets her prince, Chef Derek.

Moonlight In Vermont Fiona and Derek
Fiona And Derek from Moonlight In Vermont

Where Is ‘Moonlight In Vermont’ Filmed?

The movie Moonlight In Vermont has some mesmerizing sceneries that would make anyone wonder where it is filmed. If you’re one such fan, well, you’re at the right place. Here are the filming spots where Hallmark’s Moonlight In Vermont was filmed.

Canada is the primary filming location of Hallmark’s Moonlight In Vermont. The Inn from the movie is found in Vermont only. Canada has always been a filming spot for Hallmark. Almost every movie of Hallmark has a scene shot in the country. Hallmark and Canada have a thing!

Let’s take a closer look.

Vancouver, British Columbia

In the past few years, Vancouver has been an attractive spot for filmmakers. Although it is always busy, the city serves great spot for shooting. Many many movies and series were filmed in Vancouver. One good reason for choosing this city is because it has a large number of studios and pubs.

Moonlight In Vermont Filming Locations
Vancouver, British Columbia

Scenes of Moonlight in Vermont were filmed in this city of British Columbia. Fiona is supposed to work as a broker in NYC. However, it’s Vancouver, British Columbia, where the opening scenes were filmed.

Nevertheless, this isn’t a new thing for filmmakers to film scenes at a different place and name it something else. Vancouver is affordable to the producers. This might be the reason why they choose the place so often.

Chester, Vermont

Anyone who has been to Vermont knows that the scenery is so stunning that it should be in the movies. The Vermont Inn from the movie ‘Moonlight In Vermont’ is a real-life Inn located in the town of Chester, Vermont.

However, ‘Moonlight In Vermont’ is not the only movie that was shot in Chester. Hallmark’s Moonlight & Mistletoe was filmed in Chester too. The place is beautiful; it snows most of the time in the year. There are plenty of beautiful and cozy Inns in the town for you to visit.

If you love snow, you should definitely give this place a visit. Vermont has always been a crowd-puller. One reason is its shopping spots! There are numerous good shops to visit and buy something memorable. It serves as a romantic destination for couples too.

Where was Moonlight In Vermont filmed?
The Inn from Moonlight In Vermont

The Cast Of Moonlight In Vermont

The main character counts Lacey Chabert at the top as Fiona Grangely, a successful but very occupied high-end real estate broker. Next, we have Carlo Marks as a marvelous chef, Derek. Later in the movie, Fiona and Derek fall in love with each other while pretending to date. Then we have Fiona’s bestfriend, Dr. Angela, Fiona Vroom. It was Angela who suggested Fiona take a break from her busy life and go for a vacation after Fiona is dumped by her boyfriend. This boyfriend of Fiona, Nate, is played by Jesse Moss. 

Some other characters are Jason Cermak as Brandon Grange, Fiona’s brother, Keith MacKechnie as Harris Grangely, Fiona’s father, Rebecca Staab as Delia Grangely, Fiona’s step-mother.

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