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When Did Led Zeppelin Break Up? Their Career & Legacy

When Did Led Zeppelin Break Up

If you are a 90s kid Led Zeppelin has defiantly been your jam. But sadly, the band broke up. But when did Led Zeppelin Break Up? And why did it break up? We can’t go old school without playing Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and Linkin Park. These bands were the real deal. These bands were the old classic gold. But it is well said that every good thing has to come to an end. These bands also broke up, and their amazing songs came to an end. We can live by the legacy they left but can never expect their new creation to launch in this modern world of the 21st century. Led Zeppelin is the legend name in the music industry can no music lover can get over with. They are the apple of the music industry’s eye.

No band can ever replace them or can ever be compared to them. Even in the modern world, when their recordings are played, no BTS and One Direction can stand in front of them. We just wish this generation could enjoy those legends and make them immortal for the rest of the century. Led Zeppelin has collected many honors and awards throughout the course of their career. In 1995 They were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Also, in 2006 they were included in the UK Music Hall of Fame.

When Did Led Zeppelin Break Up

Greatest Rock Band Of All Times Led Zeppelin.

Among the band’s awards are the American Music Awards in 2005 and the Polar Music Prize in 2006. Led Zeppelin was the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Awards recipient in 2005, and four of their recordings have been inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame. They have been awarded five Diamond albums and fourteen Multi-Platinum, four Platinum, and one Gold album in the United States.

When Did Led Zeppelin Break Up

Unfortunately, in the 1980s, Led Zeppelin broke up because the lead drummer of the band, John Bonham, fell into his demise. The drummer died by choking on his own vomit after he overdosed on alcohol. He drank 740 ml of vodka empty stomach and went through alcohol poisoning. He died a very painful death. And his death resulted in the dissolving of Led Zeppelin. The band was very sad over the drummer’s death and didn’t felt like replacing him. They said they even tried to practice without John. But they couldn’t do it. They said that he was not just a band member, but he was like a brother to them, and they could not imagine climbing on the stage without him.

Even after John’s demise, he did not fail to create a legacy. In 2005 he was included in the list of 500 greatest Drummers in the world. However, the band members found themselves responsible for his death as they could have stopped them from overdosing, but they didn’t. The day he died. He was with his assistant, and in his breakfast, he drank quarts of vodka and had a bite of ham. And then he was brought to the studio for practice. Where he drank again as his practice routine. However, that day, he wasn’t able to play after he was buzzing. He passed out on the recording couch. So he was dragged upstairs by his assistant. And during the night be passed away when he choked on his own vomit.

Led Zeppelin Will Always Be The Legend Of This Music Industry

The band members think he would still be alive if someone would have checked on him at night. But apparently, they were quite angry at him because he ruined their rehearsals. The band members said they couldn’t face his family at the funeral because they felt responsible for it somewhere or the other.

Even after years of breaking up, the band still receives awards. Led Zeppelin received an honor at the White House by President Barack Obama in 2005. Led Zeppelin will always stay alive in the hearts of every fan who loved their music. They also received the title of “Greatest Rock Band Of All Times.” Which they are.  Led Zeppelin Forever.

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