What Time Does Dynasty Season 5 Episode 4 Arrive on The CW?

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Dynasty season 5 episode 4 release time
Dynasty airs weekly on The CW

Dynasty Season 5 Episode 4 arrives tonight with plenty of storylines moving forward in this soap opera. Episode 3 opens with the annual Carrington gala. Amid all the new partnerships being made, Blake tags with Cristal to bag a deal for PPA’s airfield. However, Beto kidnaps her and replaces her with Rita, who’s well-versed in the know-hows. Meanwhile, Fallon’s board sends her on medical leave. However, she’s not going to let that happen and so she appoints Jeff as the new CEO.

Meanwhile, she also uses this break to get closer and retain the intimacy with Liam. Sam and Kirby try to get Culhane a soulmate. Their efforts don’t yield any results, though. Elsewhere, Amanda extracts some crucial footage from a drone. This footage turns out to be tacit proof of her mother and Adam’s innocence. As soon as Alexis gets out of prison, she dashes away for the gala and later gets Adam to hand over his business. Later, she meets an attractive investor named Farnsworth “Dex” Dexter.

Who plays Fallon in dynasty
Fallon in episode 3/Image credits: The CW

Let’s now delve into all that episode 4 of Dynasty season 5 will entail. Spoilers ahead!

Dynasty Season 5 Episode 4 Release Time

Dynasty Season 5 Episode 4 will release tonight at 9:00 pm ET, on Titled “Go Catch Your Horse”, Episode 4 is directed by Star Barry, with the teleplay penned by Libby Wells. The official synopsis for the episode reads, “Amanda and Alexis don’t see eye-to-eye on Adam; Amanda has reservations about Alexis’ latest adventure; Liam finds himself in a sticky situation with Culhane; Dominique presents Kirby with an opportunity.”

Is there a Trailer for Episode 4?

Yes, here’s a short tease of what’s to come in the next episode of Dynasty. Check it out!

Stream Episode 4 Online

New episodes of Season 5 air on Fridays every week, at 9:00 pm ET on The CW. Viewers can watch the episodes online a day after they air via The CW app and CW.com. Additionally, there’s the live TV services option to stream the show live, including platforms like DirecTV, Hulu+ Live TV, and YouTube TV. The fifth season is set to run for a total of 22 episodes. We can expect the season to premiere on Netflix soon after it finishes airing.

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