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What is Tiktok GGT? The Big TikTok Surprise!

TikTok GGT
TikTok GGT

If you are addicted to Tiktok and cannot get enough of the app, it seems like the makers have some big surprise for all the gamers out there! If you are a talented gamer who has what it takes, then this is exactly what you need to all about TikTok GGT. This new competition is thrilling and is providing talented gamers to showcase their talents like none other. Moreover, female gamers are encouraged to come forward and particulate in this TikTok GGT challenge. We have all the necessary information given in the article below, along with the dates of enrolment.

The makers of the app are bringing a new challenge for gamers, TikTok GGT! The full form of the challenges is Gamers Got Talent! Gamers Got Talent is the newest content series hosted on TikTok and is looking out for gamers with hidden talents in the US and Canada! The challenge is just as exciting as some of the other fun challenges that have been introduced by TikTok. To apply for the gaming challenge, you have to be 18 and above to apply for the gaming completion. The last date to enroll for the completion is 2nd May. You might be the lucky one to take home the big prize money and make a name for yourself in the field of gaming. Here are all the details of the gaming challenge.

What Is TikTok GGT: Know All About The Newest TikTok Challenge!

TikTok GGT is the newest live series that is organized in collaboration with TikTok, Enthusiast Gaming, and makeup giant e.l.f. Cosmetics. According to this new gaming challenge, all the contestants must put forward their impressive talents to a panel of celebrity judges throughout seven weeks. win the grand prize amount of a whopping $25,000 and a selection of makeup products from e.l.f.

What makes the challenge all the more interesting as the panel of judges will rotate each week. While not much is known about these judges as of yet, but it has been rumored that these panelists are notable ex-gamers and other members of the TikTok community.

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The Gamers Got Talent Challenge Has Become Viral In No Time!

Within hours the whole Gamers Got Talent or what is known as the GGT is going viral ok social media sites and so much so that people are using it as a hashtag for normal content as well. As the gaming challenged describes, the panelists are looking for everything and anything as the game describes. The first episode premiered on 9th May. The interesting part of the first episode is that it would be comprised of an all-female panel. The three company giants that are involved have talked about the fact that they wanted to shine a light on female gamers in the competition, further shedding light on the fact that the gaming industry is recognized for being dominated primarily by males, and this will be bringing talented and passionate female gamers on board.


While the challenge intends to put a specific focus on the gaming community, the judges are in search of some hidden talents, which can range from anything that is unique, and the person has to be good at what he/she does! This challenge comes after several TikTok challenges that include filter challenge, botox challenge, and even having chlorophyll that became quite the trend amongst TikTok users.

If You Have An Unique Talent, TikTok’s GGT Is Platform For You!

While talking about this fun and thrilling gaming competition, Thamba Tharmalingam, COO, Enthusiast Gaming, talks about it saying that the partnership provides a great opportunity to shine a light on the talented and passionate female gamers in the communities, and they all are looking forward to the talent and creativity that our audience will bring into the competition.

This point has been hugely focused upon as the first panel will be an all-female one which will encourage more female gamers in this gaming field. So, what are you all waiting for? If you have it in you and you are an absolute gaming fanatic, then follow the hashtag on the app and press the apply now button and enroll yourself.

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