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What is Oliver Hardy’s Net Worth? Earnings & Achievements

Today, we will discuss What is Oliver Hardy’s Net Worth? What do we know about this comic actor’s notable works and earnings, at the time of his death? For the films, Oliver Norvell Hardy was billed as ‘Babe Hardy’. He was one of the comic duo, Laurel and Hardy. Because of his incredible comic nature and acting style, he gained massive popularity in the industry during his time. Some of his notable works in the world of films are No Wedding Bells, The Particular Cowboys, His Sudden Recovery, The Fresh Air Cure, An Expensive Visit, Something In Her Eye, Nerve and Gasoline, and many more.

Knowing his versatility in the comic generic films, people are now interested to learn about Oliver Hardy’s wealth at the time of his death. It has been a major loss to the industry and nobody can replace him. Over the years, he gained huge respect from the audience and co-workers for which he is still celebrated each year. For more details about Oliver Hardy’s Net Worth, and notable works, I highly recommend you to read this article to the end.

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Oliver Hardy’s Net Worth: Earnings & Work

When it comes to the monetary accumulations, the American comic actor Oliver Hardy’s Net Worth at the time of his death was $500,000. The entire portion of his income came from him being a  versatile actor in the industry. However, when he was asked, Oliver stated that he did lose a huge amount to the producers who got to be famous with their works and identity. But, the good part was he never regretted and made calculations for his earnings and loss. He was a very cheerful person and was always focused on his work.

Along with Laurel, the duo had made a century when it comes to the number of films they did together. Being a comic actor, Oliver Hardy never failed to make the audience laugh with his funny nature and acting skills. Indeed, he was a true gem!

Oliver Hardy's Net Worth

Laurel and Hardy- the comic duo

Notable Works

When it comes to the old comic films, Oliver Hardy worked in numerous films of the same genre. Some of his notable hit works include- Casey’s Birthday (1914), For Two Pins (1914), The Rise of the Johnsons (1914), Cupid’s Target (1915), The Twin Sister (1915), What a Cinch (1915), Clothes Make The Man (1915), Something In Her Eye (1915), The Girl in the Limousine (1924), The Joke’s On You (1925), Baby Brother (1927), The Fighting Kentuckian (1949), Crazy To Act (1927), Thundering Fleas (1926), and many more.

If you haven’t seen any of Oliver Hard’s films and didn’t witness his acting skills, you must give the above-mentioned films a try. You are missing out on something that is going to make you happy for sure!

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Oliver Hardy’s Other Details

Besides knowing this comic actor’s notable works led to good monetary income, people are now interested to learn more about him.

Oliver Hardy was born on 18 January 1892. He was born in Harlem, Georgia, United States. When it comes to his height, he was 1.85 meters tall. People still remember him and his works by celebrating each year at Oliver Hardy Festival, in his hometown. It also features Laurel and Hardy Museum. This is the prestige, honor that he earned, which is far more valuable than his earnings.

Oliver Hardy's Net Worth

Oliver Hardy


Now, talking about his death, Oliver Hardy had suffered a minor stroke. For several years, the actor struggled with his health. It was on 7 August 1957, after a couple of strokes, Oliver Hardy passed away from cerebral thrombosis. He was then 65 years old. He died in North Hollywood, California, United States. His family had asked for privacy, during that time. Also, Laurel, his all-time comic partner couldn’t attend his funeral because of his illness. He said ‘Babe would understand’. This single statement briefly stated their friendship and close bond.

Even though he isn’t alive anymore, we believe Oliver Hardy is still within our hearts with his notable works! He used to be a very easygoing person and his cheerful face was always enough to make the audience happier!

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