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What Is Alex Oxlade Chamberlain Net Worth? An Insight To His Earnings And Personal Life

Alex Oxlade Chamberlain Net Worth
Credit: Sky Sports

Alex Mark David Oxlade Chamberlain 27-year-old professional footballer and is currently playing from Liverpool. He is a son of a known personality and international player Mark Chamberlain. Even his uncle Neville Chamberlain and his brother is also a professional footballer player. Currently, a Liverpool player, Alex is a dying heart fan of Arsenal. He is also a huge fan of cricket and played it as a wicketkeeper, bowler, and opener.

He is active since the age of 7 and his first prominence with Southampton. Alex first signed his deal with Arsenal in 2011. He marked history by becoming the youngest goalscorer in UEFA champions. His dream came true in 2011 and he got a deal from Arsenal. The details of the contract were kept secret but it was revealed that was 12 million Euros which was set to even rise to 15 million Euros.

Alex is also honored with numerous awards. He received an honor in FIFA Club World Cup in 2019. Alex has quite good earning and while you are reading this article he might have earned a lot in that much time. To know about his net worth read below.

Alex Oxlade Chamberlain Net Worth

Alex Oxlade Chamberlain’s net worth is estimated to be 15 million euros. In mid-2017, Alex signed a deal with Liverpool that earned him ÂŁ35 million. The deal was valid for 5 years. Alex Liverpool’s deal was very costly and that might contribute to most of his net worth. If you look closely, this deal cost him net earnings of 4.8 million euros. In addition, if you dig closer, he earns 0.15 Euro per second. You won’t believe but until you completely read this blog, Ale might have earned at least 430 Euro within that time limit. That means if you want to earn the same amount of money as that of him, then you need to work at least 12 years to earn the same amount of money he earns in a month.

As mentioned already, for Alex, it was a beneficial move to get transferred to Liverpool from Arsenal. Not only he earned a salary of 40 million euros, but his brand value also increased. The reason was his long-term contract and the unstable market prices. At present his market value is not less than 45 million Euros.

Alex’s 2020-21 record is currently inactive as he was injured on 21 August during a pre-season camp in Austria.

Who is Alex Oxlade Chamberlain Dating? 

Alex is dating Perrie Edwards and they are even expecting a baby. They were first linked to each other in 2016 and confirmed their relationship in 2017. Perrie was previously engaged to Zayn Milk. After getting their relationship confirmed, the duo started getting snapped regularly. Even after Perrie’s sophisticated schedule, they made it out and now have come so far. She even went to cheer Alex for Champion League Final in 2019. Moreover, Perrie even hinted that she would exchange vows with Alex. The couple is mostly rumored to get engaged, but till now they have not exchanged the rings.

What is Alex oxlade chamberlain

Credit: Sky Sports

As the couple is soon going to turn into a family of three, fans are expecting that they would marry soon. However, they are super busy right now as they are planning for the new arrival. The duo is super social and does not hesitate in sharing about their personal life. During lockdown amid COVID-19, the couple use to share a lot of cut pictures and were living together happily in the Surrey mansion. They are in a live-in relationship since 2018 and also have two dogs and cats.

There is still confusion about whether they are really in a relationship or married. In 2018, Perrie convinced one of her fans that she and Alex have secretly married each other. Moreover, she also called Alex’s mother her mother in law which is quite a big deal. Surely, Perrie in her mind has already married Alex. In addition, the soon-to-be mother Perrie is now more confident to marry her boo without wasting any more time. However, the soon-to-be parents are in no hurry.

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