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Wentworth Season 9 Episode 6: Release Date, Recap & Where To Watch

Wentworth season 9 or as we shall say, the second part of Wentworth season 8, has started airing just a while ago and has crossed the initial half already. The creators have dropped out 5 episodes till now and we are waiting patiently for more to come by. Given the fact that the plot of this series provides us with the most amazing drama that we have ever seen, it is obvious that it has successfully delivered 8 seasons till now and still going. The setting of the show has been done in Australia in modern times.

The main focus is laid on Bea Smith when she first lets herself inside the prison after being charged with the murder of her husband. We see the sadness in her eyes as she is separated from her own daughter and is thus sent over to Wentworth on remand. Her sentence is yet to be given and thus, she is residing in the prison in an uncertain limbo until her time comes. Although, the prison has its own lifestyle and obviously, the social hierarchy. Hereby, Bea is forced to take lessons and understand how to survive in such a wild mess.

Wentworth Season 9 Episode 6

A still from Wentworth Season 9

Previously on the show, we saw Allie who wanted to portray the whole idea of her daily routine and everything she does in a day after being limited by a wheelchair. Soon after this, a new inmate came inside the prison and her name is Eve Wilder. Jake confides that Eve is actually the famous nanny he has always been talking about. Later in the scenes, he takes her help in order to cure his own child. All this while, Eve has her own share of troubles. She recognizes who Fergusson is but Marie shocks her by the news that the man has no memory of his past at all.

Wentworth Season 9 Recap

Well, this revelation surely did not stop Eve from getting into an argument with Fergusson. After this heavy deal, they both decide to keep their secrets intact and between them. Ann is trying really hard to get back on her footing inside the prison and for things to turn out better than they ever were, but everything goes to waste when she instead gets humiliated. It was really gross when an inmate threw a plastic bag full of urine at her. Ann has her own reasons to blame Judy for the accident although she has no concrete clue about that. Judy is seen tied up in the open but luckily, she is spotted by Will who uncuffs her and brings her back to the safety of her cell.

Then we see the camera panning over to Callie one more time as she is desperately trying to get her hands on the Nitrous Oxide. Back in the fifth episode, we saw that Ann is going to find out about how the obscene content was filmed inside the prison. She gets sick of that and starts searching every inmate down to their inches. On the other hand, we see that Eve and Furguson are again talking about the past that they have shared. You should know that this is the final season of the series and thus, has a lot of answers to unpack. Now, it is time we discuss the details of the future.

Wentworth Season 9 Episode 6 Release Date and Where to Watch

Wentworth Season 9 Episode 6 is scheduled for a release on the 28th of September 2021. If you are hoping to catch the show, it will air on Fox Showcase at 8 PM in Australia. There will be another set of revelations just waiting for us to acknowledge them. All this while, if you are keen on watching the series, you can do so for the highest quality by tuning into the channel at the time we have mentioned above. Other ways include watching the new episodes through Foxtel Now streaming service. People who reside in the United Kingdom will be able to watch the show through My5 streaming platform. If you are hoping to catch the old episodes of the show, they are all available on Netflix for you.

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