Vans Sailor Moon Sneakers Collaboration Announced

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Vans Sailor Moon Sneakers Announced
Vans Sailor Moon Sneakers Announced

Sailor Moon fans and sneaker fans gather up! I have information for y’all! It’s been made public! Yes! The Vans Sailor Moon sneakers collaboration was announced! And it’s literally breaking the internet because it’s too damn cute. After you see and read this post, you’ll be marking on your calendar the release date to get your hands on this apparel if you’re a Sailor Moon fan!

With collaborations becoming the mainstream thing nowadays, it was only a matter of time before a big brand like Vans teamed up with another popular brand to bring their fans some cool apparel. And it’s Sailor Moon’s turn, and the aesthetics of it are amazing. Now without further ado, let’s unpack this a little bit!

Vans Sailor Moon Sneakers Collaboration Announced

If you’re a Sailor Moon fan, you will have a hard time choosing from the variety of models that this collaboration has. Firstly, you can choose from the Sk8-Hi Authentic Stacked, the Megan Fox Old Skool, and the Slide-on. And if that’s not enough, when you’re not out in the street, you can bring your Sailor Moon apparel to the beach or to the swimming pool with the Sailor Moon flip flops!

Vans Sailor Moon Sneakers
The Sailor Moon X Vans apparel revealed

To top that off, you can combine your brand new kicks with an array of different accessories and clothing options by Vans, like a sweater, if the weather’s cool for this summer, why not try on the shirt? Or a beanie, a bag to put your stuff in there, or even the cutest pair of low-cut socks! Furthermore, the footwear line will be available in all sizes for women, men, and kids. Additionally, the same will be true for the prêt-a-porter apparel line.

Vans Sailor Moon X Sneakers Release Date

There’s no need to shout from the top of your lungs the popular “Moon Prism Power, Make Up!” for this. As the Vans Sailor Moon X Sneakers will release on June 10, 2022, on Vans retailers. Since this collaboration is a super-niche kind of thing, expect high demand both from fans and collectors. So don’t become surprised by finding a huge line on the day of the release in the store. Still, the popular Naoko Takeuchi’s 90’s animated series apparel will be available as supply exists, after that, good luck finding it on resellers willing to gouge your eyes out on eBay.

There Will Be A Second Sailor Moon Drop!

After this first Sailor Moon drops, the Vans brand plans to launch another Moon Prism-inspired collaboration with their team rider and Olympic skateboarder Lizzie Armanto. Furthermore, the brand will drop a collection in black named “The Lizzie” with additional sneaker styles, accessories, and apparel that are yet to be revealed in terms of price and sizes.

Vans Sailor Moon Sneakers
The Lizzie Armanto Sailor Moon Collection!

What Are Fashion Brand Collaborations, And Why Are They So Popular?

Fashion brand collaborations are when two or more fashion brands join forces to create a new collection. This can be anything from a capsule collection to a full-fledged line. Sometimes, these collaborations are between brands that are already well-established, while other times, they may be between relatively unknown brands.

There are a few reasons why fashion brand collaborations have become so popular in recent years. First, they allow brands to reach new audiences by teaming up with other brands that have different customer bases. Additionally, fashion brand collaborations often lead to more creative and innovative products than either brand could produce on its own. Finally, these collaborations can be a great way for smaller brands to get exposure and grow their businesses.

Whether you’re a fan of fashion brand collaborations or not, there’s no denying that they’re here to stay. So, if you’re looking for something new and different in your wardrobe, keep an eye out for the latest fashion brand collaboration. And if you take a look closely, every major brand is doing it, Adidas and Balenciaga, Fendi and Versace, Nike and Disney, etc. It’s up to you, the consumer, to decide which one you are going to get.

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