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Undone Season 2 Release Date: Everything We Know About The Animated Series

Release Date of Undone Season 2
Release Date of Undone Season 2

If you are wondering about the Undone Season 2 release date, then you indeed are in the right place. Here, we will be providing all the information related to the Undone season 2. After winning the hearts of an enormous number of viewers, the second season of Undone is all set to take you into a world of mystery once again. Undone is Amazon’s first original adult animated series, which not even for a single second will make you realize that you are watching an animated series. Before we dig in, let us take a look at what Undone is all about.

Undone revolves around the life of a girl named Alma Winograd-Diaz, living in the city life of San Antonio. After recovering from a car accident, she gets to know that she could control time and space. Therefore, with the help of her power, she was now on the odyssey to search for the cause of her father’s death and related questions that she was finding the answers to for so long. Without delay, let us discuss the release date of Undone season 2, shall we?

What is the Storyline of the Second Season?

Created by Raphael Bob-Waksberg and Kate Purdy, Undone season 1 was released on 13 September 2019 as an American adult animated mystical drama and psychology drama film. The series is arriving once again.

In the first season, you have seen Alma suffering from some kind of mental trauma that made her feel like she does not have a purpose in her life. After a car accident, knowing about her powers that she can mentally visit the past gave her purpose, and she started searching for the reason for her father’s death. Although the first season ended without a revelation.

A Still from Undone Season 2 Trailer

A Still from Undone Season 2 Trailer

We will be right if we assume that season 2 of Undone will once again take the viewer on the same journey. No doubt the journey will be more interesting to watch as in this season, Bella, the younger sister, finds out that she has the same power to control and visit the past.

At first, everyone is so disconnected in her family that they do not want to deal with another frustrating issue by digging into the past. Alma, after joining hands with her sister Bella will continue visiting the past to find the cause of their family issues and the death of their father.

Not just this, concerning the mentioned cause, they will also visit their grandmother’s pasts and find the reason why they are born like this. They try very hard to bring their family together by healing the trauma that everyone in the family is dealing with. 

What is the Release Date of Undone Season 2

The release date of Undone Season 2 is 29 April (Friday) 2022. This animated mystical comedy-drama series is going to air on Amazon Prime from the mentioned date. The series will be telecasted globally on Amazon Prime Videos, nevertheless, if Amazon is being geologically restricted in the country, then you can use a VPN to watch Undone Season 2.

The trailer seemed more interesting than the first season. It is full of mysteries and drama that we got to see in the episodes. In the trailer, we saw Alma discovering Becca’s secret and forcing her to join by saying that they are a time traveler and could not live like this.

Angelique Cabral as Becca-Winograd Diaz in Undone Season-2

Angelique Cabral as Becca-Winograd Diaz in Undone Season-2

Actually, there is something wrong with their mother, maybe because of some past traumas (we will get to know this in detail in the upcoming episodes). At first, Becca denied joining her, but after watching the condition of her mother, she gets ready to visit past with Alma.

Apart from all the mystical drama, you will get to see some hilarious moments too. This will make the series not only captivating but also give it an edge over other mystery drama series. The dialogue delivery of Alma is so accurate that for a moment, I forget that I am watching a trailer for an animated series. 

How Many Episodes will there be in Season 2

In the first season, we got to see 8 episodes. The second season of Undone seemed to follow the same path. As it will also telecast 8 episodes from 29 April onwards. We will keep you updated with all the episodes of Undone season 2. 

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Cast and Characters of Undone Season 2

Most of the characters are the same in the second season of the anime, but of course, you will get to see some new characters as well. Let us talk about the characters in a bit more detail. 

The main character of the series, as you all know, is Alma Winograd-Diaz. She is a Mexican American woman who, after facing a car accident, gets to know that she has the ability to control time. By controlling time, what I mean is that she could travel in the past. After knowing this, Alma discovers the secrets of her father’s death. In the second season, she will be discovering the cause of her being like this. The person animating this character is Rosa Salazar.

The second important character is Becca Winograd-Diaz. She is the younger sister of Alma, and in the first season, her role did not hold as much importance. But in Undone season 2, she will be playing the main role along with Alma after she discovers her secret of having the ability to time travel. Becca is engaged to be married and looks elder to Alma when Alma is the elder one. Anyways, let us move to the next character. By the way, the woman who is playing the character of Becca Winograd-Diaz is Angelique Cabral. 

Other Important Casts and Characters

The next character is Camila Diaz. She is the mother of Alma and Becca and the widow of Jacob Winograd. In the first season, Camila was seen taking care of Alma’s mental health when she faced the car accident even though she herself was dealing with some past traumas.

In Undone season 2, her trauma goes intense, which makes her cry like hell (according to the trailer). To heal and deal with their mother’s past mental issues, Alma and Becca joined hands to time travel together. The woman who is playing the character of Camila Diaz is Constance Marie. 

Release Date of Undone Season 2

Release Date of Undone Season 2

Another important character is Jacob Winograd.  In a way, he is the main character as the seasons revolve around the mystery behind his death only. Jacob is the dead father of Alma and Becca. However, he helps her find the cause of his death. The man behind playing the character of Jacob Winograd is Bob Odenkirk. 

Sam is Alma’s boyfriend, and he gives assurance to help her in finding the cause of Jacob’s death in every possible way. Siddharth Dhananjay played the character of Sam. 

David Diggs is playing the character of Tunde. Kevin Bigley is playing the character of Reed Hollings, Jeanne Tripplehorn is in the character of Beth Hollings, etc.

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Review of Undone Season 2

The story focuses on the problem a large number of people in today’s society are dealing with, which is the mental issue. Nobody likes to talk about this openly, even if it’s eating the person from inside. This is what the family of Alma is dealing with.

Undone is challenging the so-called concept that the past could not be changed by bringing the story of Alma and her family. The second season of Undone will take off from the part where the first season left the viewers. It is more like the completion of the journey, but who knows whether the journey will end in this season or leaves the viewers aging in the middle of the story. 

The series is a kind of fixing a problem and heading on to solve another. Tedious problems arise one after another, and Alma juggles and tackles those problems at her fingertips while experiencing womanhood. There are wow moments in the trailer, and we just hope the episodes will excite us the same.

After watching the trailer, I can say that the decision yours watching the second season will prove good. But if you have not watched the first season and you are heading on over to the second season, then it might be a blunder and a waste of time as ultimately, you will head back to watch the first season. To understand the concept of the series, you need to watch the first season, and only then you should watch the second season of Undone. You still have some time to watch the first one before the Undone season 2 release date.

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