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Two Distant Strangers Filming Locations: Where is The Oscar Winning Film Shot?

Two Distant Strangers Filming Locations
Two Distant Strangers Filming Locations

Released on 20 November 2020, Two Distant Strangers is an American Short Film. This film revolves around the life of Carter James. He was a black American who got trapped in a time loop in which he faces several encounters and every time he woke up on his bed. Two Distant Strangers tells the story of all those black Americans who have been brutally beaten and got killed in encounters. You will get to see all those stories in a very less time. In this article, we will be talking about Two Distant Strangers filming locations.

Travon Free was the writer of the film Two Distant Strangers. He and Martin Desmond have produced the film under the production companies like Now This, Six Feet Over, and Dirty Robber. Two Distant Stranger is just a 32 minutes long movie and was distributed by Netflix

Two Distant Strangers Filming Locations

This short film was shot in New York City and completed shooting in only four weeks. Its writer and producer, Travon Free, revealed that due to COVID, they could not do the health insurance, and that’s why they had to make sure everyone was safe. For that, they also hired a company whose work was to look over the health of the film crew. 

Two Distant Strangers Filming Locations

Two Distant Strangers Filming Locations

The movie has won two awards, one is Oscars and another one in Best Short Film at African-American Film Critics Association (AAFCA) in the year 2021.

Why You Should Watch Two Distant Strangers?

There are various reasons to watch this movie. The first reason is that it was nominated for the Oscar award. Martin Desmond Roe and Travon Free won the first oscar of their career for the best Live-Action at the 93rd Academy Award. 

The second reason is you will get to experience the difficulty and hardship a black person has to go through. And also, you will get to see the partiality American cops do between white and black people. 

When Merk (police officer) tightly held James’ neck, the only sentence he could speak was “I can’t breathe,” which felt like the film had been inspired by the death of George Floyd. After this incident, people started talking about Black Lives Matter.

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Cast and Characters of Two Distant Strangers

The important casts that were involved in the filming of Two Distant Strangers are as follows. Joey Badass has played the role of Carter James. He was a black graphic designer and got trapped in a time loop where he saw himself getting encountered by the NYPD officer Merk. He experienced almost 99 encounters, and in his dream, all these encounters happened while he was going to meet his dog, Jeter.

Andrew Howard played the role of Merk. He was a white NYPD officer, and he was the only person who encountered James in all his dreams. 

Zaria Simone played the role of Perry

Zaria Simone played the role of Perry

Zaria Simone played the role of Perri. She was the girlfriend of James and a black woman dwelling in America. When James told her about his situation, she was the one who suggested he take her gun. When James asked her the reason for keeping a gun, she confidently said she is a black woman living in America. This indicated the brutality and discrimination black woman faces in America. 

Other Important Casts

The other casts that were involved are as given. Mona Sishodia played the role of a fruit seller. Cameron Early, who played the role of street cop 1. Jeremy Rivette, who played the role of street cop 2. Trevor Morgan played the character of street cop 3.

Jeff Bragg played the role of a Corporate Chump. Michael Chenetter played the role of Alleyway Cop. Ana Gonzalez played the character of a businesswoman. And Timmy Hall played the character of Running Teen 1.

Sterling Temple Howard played the character of Skater Dude. Annie Hsu played the role of Short Lover. And Shane J Kroll played the character of Tall Lover.

Aizhan Lighg played the role of Yoga Bae. Michael Moravek played the role of Coffee Bro. Vincent Mordent played the role of a Businessman. And Lazarus Tate played the character of a running team 2. 

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