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Top Movies Similar To The Power Of The Dog That You Can’t Miss!

Power of the Dog
Power of the Dog

After watching The Power Of The Dog, we were speechless. With that twist and thriller, who won’t be? The movie is a Psychological thriller drama adopted from Thomas Savage’s Novel. The film got released in November 2021 and gained massive views. It revolves around the sweet boy who becomes a psychopath. If you haven’t watched the film yet, Major Spoiler alert! In this article, we’ll be listing the movies similar to The Power ]Of The Dog and their plots.

Apart from the memorable storyline, another thing that gave life to the film was the cast’s acting skills. The cast consists of Benedict Cumberbatch as Phil, Kristen Stewart as Rose Gordon, Jesse Pkemons as George, Kodi Smit-McPhee as Peter, and many others. These four cast members gave life to the characters, apart from which the director has also done an incredible job. You can watch this movie on Netflix. Below, the movie’s plot and similar films names are given.

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The Power Of The Dog Plot

In Montana 1925, The rich ranch-owning brothers meet a Widow and an inn owner Rose Gordon. One Brother George falls for Rose and later marries her. George is a kind-hearted man who believes in kindness. However, Phil isn’t happy to see Rose moving in with her son Peter. Phil is a charismatic man who believes in influencing fear among others. Phil treats Rose and Peter badly by always taunting them. One night at the party, Rose gets the demand to showcase her Piano skills. However, due to Phil’s continuous bad-mouthing, she is unable to play.

movies similar to the power of the dog

Peter and Phil Horse riding

Due to the embarrassment and Phil’s constant negativity, Rose is pushed to the edge where she starts drinking. Later, Peter comes back for the Summer break from Medical school. Phil, with his friends, starts picking on Peter. Later while cleaning Peter finds a stash of Magazines of a naked man. He watches Phil taking a bath with a handkerchief around his neck. Phil notices him and chases him.

Later Phil and Peter agree and settle things between them. One day Phil finds a dead cow on a ride. He cuts the cow’s hides and takes them. Later, Phil injures his hand while fixing the fence. After a while, Peter tells Phil about his alcoholic father, who hanged himself. He was the one who cut his father’s corpse. They both start spending time together, which worsens Rose’s alcoholism. George gets upset from her behavior and throws the bottle of Bourbon he found under her sheets.

Peter offers Phil the hides of the dead cow. However, he didn’t tell him that the animal was deceased before encountering it. Phil promises Peter to treat him better from now on. Later in the night, the pair shares the cigarette while Phil opens his wound and the hide mixing in the solution used to soften the hide. After a while, Phil tells Peter about his master Bronco Henry and how he saved his life.

movies similar to the power of the dog

George and Rose enjoying each other company

Phil Later falls sick in the morning and skips breakfast. George checks on him and takes him to the doctor. Phil dies because of the infection of anthrax, which confuses George as Phil is always careful to avoid dead cattle. Peter skips Phil’s funeral and is seen reading a passage, “Deliver my soul from the sword, my darling from the Power of the dog” Now, Rose is back to being sober and Peter puts his finished Lasso under his bed with gloves.

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Movies Similar To The Power Of The Dog

The Power Of The Dog is a Psychological, serious, and dark film. No wonder there were so many searches for movies similar to The Power Of The Dog. That’s why we have brought them to you here. However, the similarities can’t be replaced with originality. One or two genes might match, but not all of it. I hope you find what you are looking for below.

The Piano (1993)

This film is another creation of the best-selling novel of Jane Campion, who spins around a mute Scottish woman who loves her daughter’s marriage to a Frontiersman. However, things start to change when she gets attracted to George Baines. This new affection creates chaos between her and her husband. This movie got a best Picture Oscar Nomination. The Movie is Similar to The Power of the Dog because of its artistic styling and shooting place. You can watch this movie on Amazon Prime.

movies similar to the power of the dog

Mute Lady with her daughter

Let Him Go (2020)

This film revolves around George and Margaret, a rancher-owner couple, who marries their widow daughter-in-law, Lorna, to Donnie Weebly. However, they start suspecting that Lorna is being tortured by Donnie and his family. When George visits the family, he learns that the family loves to abuse others. This movie is quite similar to The Power Of The Dog as both of them spin around Torture within the family and the arrogance of men. They also have familiar thrillers within the scripts, which makes the audience happy.

movies similar to the power of the dog

Let him Go scene

Broke Back Mountain (2005)

The film revolves around two cowboys who fell in love but are scared because of a narrow-minded society. It is a Love story about Jack Twist and Ennis del Mar. Set in the 1960s. These two cowboys are hired to herd sheep through summer. However, they are forced to hide their sexuality, but Jack shamelessly flaunts his feminism. It is Ennis that hides. The movie is similar to The Power Of The Dog. Both characters in the film hide their sexuality and cover it with their tough personalities. Both fear the disclosure of their true identity and the narrow-minded society.

Brokeback Mountain poster

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Jane Eyre (2011)

This film is the adaptation of the novel written by Charlotte Bronte, which got published in 1847. The story revolves around the governess, Jane Eyre, who falls in love with the owner of an old mansion, Edward. Jane went to an abusive school where she was beaten and tortured. Jane is not similar to Rose from the Power of the Dog, as Jane is quite stronger than her. She was fraught with her rights and didn’t accept any kind of violence. You can catch this film on Netflix.

Jane Eyre poster

And Then We Danced (2019)

The film is a romantic genre released in 2019, directed by Levan Akin. The story spins around a male dancer and his partner who has been practicing forever. However, complications arise when another dancer arrives, and things start to heat off. The Power Of The Dog is similar to this movie as both revolve around the fake masculinity status developed by the people and the struggle to keep it. Both films are the tale of incomplete love stories and social fear. You can watch this movie on Amazon Prime.

movies similar to the power of the dog

And then we danced Scene

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Slow West (2015)

The film spins around a naive Scot, Jay Cavendish, who travels across the US in search of his Love, Rose. On his journey, he crosses paths with a Bounty hunter Silas who offers him his protection on conditions. However, his real intentions disclose later when he tells Jay about the Money that would be offered to Rose’s father and her, dead or alive. The Character of Jay is played by Kodi-Smith, who also played Peter in the Power of the dog. You can watch this film on Amazon Prime.

Poster of Slow West Film

Stoker (2013)

The film revolves around India and her mother, Evelyn, who is left alone in the states after her husband’s death. During Grieving the younger brother of the dead, Charlie visits Evelyn and India. Both are attracted to Charlie but unaware of his secrets. The movie is similar to The Power Of The Dog as the characters have a similarity. Peter and India both characters were shy at the beginning. However, they end up being serial killer Psychopaths. The movie is dark and filled with twists. You can watch this movie on Amazon Prime.

Stoker Poster

Psycho (1960)

This is an old classic thriller film that revolves around Marion’s lover and sister, who are desperately trying to find her after she stole money from her boss. The movie soon takes drastic turns, and they end up in a motel where they meet Norman Bates. The movie is similar to The Power Of The Dog as both of them are Psychological thriller movies with a dark ending. You can find similarities in Norman and Peter as both are overprotective sons who want to protect their mothers from any danger. This movie was released in the 1960s and is now available on YouTube.

movies similar to the power of the dog


There Will Be Blood (2007)

The plot spins around Daniel Plain’s view, a ruthless oil prospector whose obsession is to become the most powerful Oil Tycoon. He destroys everyone’s lives who come in his way, including his adopted son’s life. The movie is similar to The Power Of The Dog as both share the same timeline and similar main terrifying characters.

movies similar to the power of the dog

Still from There Will Be Blood


Daniel is a relevant character as Phil because both are power-hungry and dominating characters, who don’t care about others’ feelings and manipulates them to their advantage? You will find similarities after watching the movie on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

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