Top Most Famous K-pop Idols In India in 2022

Famous K-pop Idols In India
K-pop idols india

Each country has its own preference for K-pop idols, but which K-pop artists have taken over the vast nation of India? K-pop has been taking over the world throughout the past years. Who would not be interested in knowing more about these talented people who can sing and rap while dancing tiring choreographies! Going through years of training under companies like SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, and many more, these idols come into making.

They could swipe you off your feet with their beautiful, heavenly yet powerful, and emotion-filled vocals. Or they can make you their fan through their splendid raps. In addition to that, they could slide into your hearts with their smooth dance moves.

Not to mention they really care for their fans and know how to make their fans laugh. Not forgetting the fact that they are the K-pop industry is a powerhouse of quality music. Each K-pop artist has their own flair and charm to their music, which makes K-pop this interesting. The Korean music industry has truly made it global by now. Through groups and artists from the second, third and fourth generations of K-pop, the industry has taken over the world! Here is a look at the most popular K-pop idols in India!

1. BTS

There is no surprise that BTS might be one of the most famous K-pop idols in India. BTS is a K-pop band that has been breaking records and keeps on impressing us with how great their music can be. The boy band has touched the coldest of hearts through their story to success. There is no ARMY that might not know how BTS went from asking people to come to their concert to being responsible for bringing trillions of money to their country’s economy! Speaking of ARMYs, the fandom must be the largest in the world! The boys have also used their immense popularity to pursue awareness about self-love and much more.

Famous K-pop Idols In India
BTS cr: HYBE Labels


Blackpink must be the most popular girl group in the world right now, so we are not surprised that the girls are on this list. The girls were a hit ever since their debut in the year 2016 with Whistle and Boombayah. Ever since then they have been no looking down on the Blackpink members. Who can gain 1.1 Billion views in a dance practice video if not Blackpink! If we start talking about their long list of achievements, we will never be able to complete this article!

Most popular K-pop idols in India
BLACKPINK cr: YG Entertainment

3. EXO

EXO is another insanely popular K-pop group right now! These boys had been rocking it from the get-go and have been getting more popular by each day. Who can call themselves a K-pop fan if they do not know about EXO’s iconic songs like Love Shot and Eclipse, right? Consisting of nine members, Xiumin, Suho, Lay, Baekhyun, Chen, Chanyeol, D.O., Kai, and Sehun, the boy group EXO has the world wrapped around its fingers.

EXO cr: SM Entertainment

4. Shinee

Another SM Entertainment group that has grown in the hearts of Indians is the members of Shinee. Shinee is the only second-generation K-pp group on this list. You might not know, but SM Entertainment’s boy group Shinee’s members are known as the ‘Princes Of K-pop’. Why would they not though? As expected since they are from SM Entertainment, these boys never fail to wow us with their excellent vocals. Shinee is not only known for its vocals, but it is also known for its complex and insanely synchronized dance steps. The lesson of the day: Stan Shinee for an awesome life!

SHINee cr: SM Entertainment

5. TXT

TXT, aka Tomorrow by together has been bringing out the feelings of a normal teenager to the whole world. The feeling of anger, hope, and frustration every teenager goes through is reflected through TXT’s splendid discography. Despite just debuting in the year 2019, the group has unsurprisingly made the world fall in love with their mystical tunes! Plus, the storyline of their music videos is just another reason to stan them. You can see why TXT is one of the most popular K-pop idols in India!

TXT cr: HYBE labels

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