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Top 5 Park Bo Young Kdramas And Movies- Check Out The Actress’ Best Works

Park Bo Young kdramas and movies
Park Bo Young

Park Bo Young has done many amazing kdramas and movies over the years. The actress has been known for her top-notch visuals and, of course, for her incredible acting skills. Park Bo Young is one of those actresses who just never ages. It is as if she has a magic genie that grants her endless beauty. You could compare her pictures that are ten years apart and even then she would look just the same. Fans and people worldwide have been amazed by her timeless beauty countless times. Other than being confused about how Park Bo Young has maintained her beauty over the years, fans have always wondered how she could be so unbelievably cute at the same time. There is no way anyone would not fall for her big doe eyes and her adorable smile.

If all of this wasn’t enough, Park Bo Young has even more talents than being remarkably attractive. Furthermore, each and every kdrama that’s she has done never fails to surprise us with how talented she can be. Park Bo Young has never failed to show great chemistry with any of her co-stars. Ever since she has debuted, Park Bo Young has proven the phrase ‘ big things come in small packages’ countless times. She has won multiple awards throughout her career. Some of her awards include Best New Actress and Popular Star Awards at the Blue Dragon Film Awards and The Best Actress Award at The Seoul Awards. Through this, you must have already guessed that Park Bo Young is also a critically acclaimed actress. Naturally, over the years, she has introduced her fans to many awesome and unique characters

Now, without further ado, here is the ranked list of the top 5 kdramas and movies of Park Bo Young.

5. Secret Campus

Secret Campus has got to be one of the best Park Bo Young kdramas.  Furthermore, at the age of sixteen, this was the first of the many amazing kdramas that Park Bo Young was going to give us. Secret Campus is still considered to be one of the best mystery high school kdramas. Moreover, the show aired on EBS back in the May of 2006. This drama is written by Lee Hae Jung (Face Me and Smile, Lovers In Bloom). Although Park Bo Young is not in the main cast, she was able to win over our hearts even in the little screentime she got. The star-studded cast of this drama boasts of actors like Lee Do Hyun, Sul Sung Min, Lee Min Ho (The King: Eternal Monarch), and Park Bo Young.

Park Bo Young kdramas and movies secret campu

Secret Campus

It tells the story of a high school student, Seung Jae, who unfortunately passes away in a traffic accident. Furthermore, he was known to be dating his classmate, Su Ah. One year after his unfortunate demise, Su Ah starts receiving anonymous emails filled with hidden secrets of her late boyfriend. She discovers that he had been having an affair with his friend’s sister, Eun Ho. However, it is not just Su Ah who discovers many of Seung Jae’s secrets, the entire school does. While it gives fans a good mystery to keep them intrigued, it also criticizes the stressful school system. Through the course of 24 episodes, Secret Campus tells the story of different schools trying to survive the competitive environment of the school. Although the drama is not available on any streaming platforms, the viewers who watched this drama still speak highly of it.

4. Oh My Ghost

The most enjoyable horror-comedy that Park Bo Young’s kdrama is Oh My Ghost. Furthermore, this drama has a plot that will make you laugh out loud, swoon from the romance, and a mystery that will keep you hooked. Fans own this interesting storyline to the talented screenwriter Yan Hee Seung (Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, Familiar Wife). This drama is also popularly known as Oh My Ghostess. The mastermind behind this Park Bo Young k-series is Yoo Je Won who is popularly known for his kdramas such as Hometown Cha Cha Cha, The King: Eternal Monarch, and The Smile Has Left Your Eyes.

Park Bo Young kdramas and movies oh my ghost

Oh My Ghost cr: Rakuten Viki

Not only did the drama consist of the most well-known creators but it also had the most popular cast on board. Park Bo Young, Kim Seul Gi ( Shh, Please Take Care Of Him, What’s Your Blood Type), Jo Jung Suk (Hospital Playlist, Nokdu Flower, and Familiar Wife), and Im Joo Hwan (Uncontrollably Fond, The Bride of Habeak, The Great Show). The show aired in July of 2015 on tvN. The plot of this drama revolves around Bong Sun, a shy young girl with zero confidence who gets possessed by a feisty virgin ghost.

She has a crush on Sun Woo, the star chef who is all too full of himself. When Bong Sun gets possessed by the ghost, Sun Woo falls for her. What ensues is a chaotic love story between Bong Sun who keeps getting possessed and Sun Woo. Due to its raging popularity, the drama is available on WeTv, Rakuten Viki, and Amazon Prime Video.

3. Abyss

As many might already know, Park Bo Young has a knack for fantasy kdramas. This magical Park Bo Young Kdrama is known for its moving storyline. It makes you question what is true success. The screenwriter of Abyss is Moon So Yeon and the beautiful direction are the work of art of Yoon Je Won ( Hometown Cha Cha Cha and The King: Eternal Monarch). Furthermore, this drama aired in the May of 2019 on tvN starring Park Bo Young and Ahn Hyo Seop from produce 1o1. Other members of the cast include the beautiful Han So Hee (Nevertheless, My Name) Kwon Soo Hyun, Lee Sung Jae (Diary Of A Prosecutor), and more.

Park Bo Young kdramas and movies abyss

Abyss cr: Netflix

The show revolves around the death of two people Go So Yeon and Cha Min. Furthermore, Go So Yeon is a hotshot prosecutor who not only is accomplished but is also blessed with the looks of a goddess. On the other hand, Cha Min is the successful and soft-hearted CEO of a cosmetic company. Although he is successful, he lacks in the looks department. They both die in tragic accidents but are brought back to life through magical stones or Abyss. Go So Yeon is reborn as an average-looking female and Cha Min is born as a handsome CEO. The two decide to investigate their deaths. The show will keep you hooked with its romance, comedy, and suspense as Go So Yeon and Cha Min reinvestigate their own deaths. Abyss is available to watch on Netflix.

2. Doom At Your Service

Earlier this year, fans were blessed with Park Bo Young’s comeback into kdramas. With the release of Doom At Your Service in May, Park Bo Young proved yet again why she dominates the Kdrama world. Furthermore, Doom At Your Service is a fictional drama, which is Park Bo Young’s specialty. The beautiful screenplay of this drama is written by Im Me Ah Ri who has previously proven her talent with The Beauty Inside. This drama was also widely acknowledged for its cinematography for which we can all thank the director, Kwon Young II (Search: www and My Unfamiliar Family). Furthermore, the beautiful main cast of this show includes actors like Seo In Guk (The Smile Has Left Your Eyes, Shopaholic King Louie, and Hello Monster), Lee Soo Hyuk ( Sweet Stranger and Me), Kang Tae Oh (My First First Love) and Shin Do Hyun (Half-Fifty).

Park Bo Young kdramas and movies doom at your service

Doom At Your Service cr: Rakuten Viki

The story tells us the tragic tale of Tak Dong Kyung. After her parents pass away in a tragic accident she works hard day and night to earn a living. And just when she thinks she is stable, a huge revelation shakes her to the core. She discovers that she has brain cancer and has only three months to live. She makes a contract with the God of Destruction to live the way she wants for hundred days, putting her everything on the line. The story will make you laugh, cry hopelessly, and think about how futile life is. This spectacular Park Bo Youn kdrama is available to watch on Rakuten Viki.

1. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Strong Women Do Bong Soon is considered a phenomenon among Kdrama fans. It is one of the most viewed kdramas ever. Furthermore, Park Bo Young has brought a lot of international audiences to the kdrama world with this hilarious drama. The romantic comedy series went on to break multiple South Korean cable television records. The story is truly like no other. Moreover, the writer of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon is no other than the talented Baek Mi Kyung (Mine). This romantic comedy-drama is directed by Lee Hyung Min (My Dangerous Wife). Released in February of 2017, Strong Women Do Bong Soon tops every single best kdrama list. With the infectious chemistry shared by Park Bo Young and Park Hyung Sik, the show will forever live rent-free in our heads.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon cr: Netflix

The plot of Strong Women Do Bong Soon literally revolves around a strong girl named Do Bong Soon. She possesses supernatural strength that she gets from her mother’s side. While she is fighting off goons, the handsome CEO Ahn Min Hyuk is surprised by her strength. He hires her as his bodyguard. What ensues is the thrilling and the most comedic love story between Do Bong Soon and Ahn Min Hyuk. You can enjoy this gem of Park Min Young’s kdrama on Netflix and Rakuten Viki.

Best Movies Of Park Bo Young

5. Hot Young Bloods

Hot Young Bloods is one of the best Park Bo Young teen genre-based works.  This film has a star-studded cast that will surely make you want to watch the movie this second. Along with Park Bo Young, talented names like Lee Jong Suk ( Romance Is A Bonus Book, Pinnochio, and W), Lee Se Young ( The Red Sleeve Cuff, When I Turned Nine, and Lovely Rivals), and Kim Young Kwank ( The Secret Life Of My Secretary, and The Guardians).  Just naming all of these actors makes us starstruck!  The movie has a very simple yet heartwarming story that follows our main leads Yoong Sook, Joon Gil, Kwang Shik, and So Hee’s love lives.

Park Bo Young kdramas and movies hot young bloods

Hot Young Bloods

Hot Young Bloods brings out a new side of Park Bo Young. In the movie, she plays the role of the badass and strong female lead Young Sook. Young Sook has a secret crush on Joon Gil who is the heartthrob of her high school. Things don’t turn out too well when a transfer student So Hee enters their lives. On one side Young Sook will try to get the attention of Joon Gil while Kwang Shik, the leader of a gang, will be trying to get her attention.

4. Scandal Makers

Scandal Makers is one of the best works of Park Bo Young. Through this movie Park Bo Young had grabbed countless awards such as the Best New Actress Awards at the Baeksang Arts Awards, Blue Dragon Film Awards, and Grand Bell Awards all in the same year. Scandal Makers is one of those movies that you can watch with your family on any occasion. The plot of the film centers on the relationship of a father, daughter, and grandson. Once a popular teen idol Nam Hyun Su unexpectedly reunites with his daughter when she came knocking on his door. To his shock, he even found out that he has a grandson.

Park Bo Young kdramas and movies scandal makers

Scandal Makers cr: Rakuten Viki

Although he didn’t believe it at first after getting a DNA test, the fact is confirmed. As they start living together, things go upside down when they are mistaken to be a couple. This exciting film even has a splendid cast that includes Cha Tae Hyun ( Police University and Team Bulldog: Off Duty Investigation) and Wang Seok Hyun ( A Pledge To God). If you are interested in watching this movie, there is a whole range of streaming websites that have the movie. Those streaming websites include Rakuten Viki, Amazon Prime, and AsianCrush.

3. A Werewolf Boy

This film has two of the most beloved stars in the Korean film industry, i.e, Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Young herself. Other than Park Bo Young, the film really showcases Soon Joong Ki’s acting skills. He barely gets five lines in the film but is able to portray his character’s emotions only through actions. After receiving a mysterious phone call, an elderly woman Kim Sun Yi recalls the memories of a boy she knew 50 years ago. When she was a young girl, her family moved into a large home in the countryside. This home was provided by Ji Tae who was a business partner of Sun Yi’s late father.

Park Bo Young kdramas and movies a werewolf boy

A Werewolf Boy cr: AppleTV

When the family moved in, they were in for a big surprise when they discover a boy locked up in the barn. Thinking that he is an orphan with little social skills, the family takes him in. But what the family doesn’t know is that the boy is hiding a dangerous secret. Meanwhile, young Sun Yi starts teaching him manners such as how to talk, sit and dress. This werewolf boy Cheol Su takes a liking to Sun Yi not knowing that Ji Tae has his own plans for marrying her. If you are interested to see what happened with Cheol Su and Sun Yi, give the movie a try on AppleTV.

2. The Silenced

The Silenced is one of the few horror and thriller movies with Park Bo Young. The movie is a mystery-thriller that is sure to give you the creeps. The story is set in the year 1938 in a strange all-girls boarding school in Keijyo (old name of Seoul). The principal has a dark side that only Joo Ran knows about. Joo Ran keeps unraveling secrets by secret while trying to find out about the missing girls of the boarding schools. She becomes more puzzled when she finds out that a girl by the same name as her had also disappeared. Plus the cherry on top of the movie is its talented cast. The main cast consists of amazing actresses such as Park Bo Young, Park So Dam (Record Of Youth, Parasite, and Cinderella And The Four Knights), and Uhm Ji Won ( Birthcare Centre and The Cursed).

The Silenced

The Silenced cr: Netflix

Even though this film, Park Bo Young won multiple awards such as Popularity Star Award at the 36th Blue Dragon Films Award, Favourite Actress Award at the 15th Korea Youth Film Festival. Looks like, Park Bo Young keeps bagging awards with everything she does. Watch this mystery-filled movie exclusively on Netflix.

1. On Your Wedding Day

On Your Wedding day tops the list of the best Park Bo Young movies ever. There are countless reasons why this movie is a masterpiece. From a great cast to a lovely story this movie has everything. If you like heartbreaking stories, this will surely be your cup of tea. It is a bitter-sweet movie that will make you ball your eyes out. The story wholly revolves around the relationship of Woo Yeon and Seung Hee. Woo Yeon usually got into fights and never cared about studying while Seung Hee was a transfer student who didn’t like the attention she got from males. So Seung Hee and Woo Yeon made a truce that they will act to be a couple only if he stops fighting. And soon enough this fake relationship becomes a real one. They used to spend hours talking on the phone and hanging out with each other.

 on your wedding day

On Your Wedding Day cr: Rakuten Viki

Until one day, Seung Hee calls and tells Woo Yeon that she is moving and told him to take care of himself. Over the years, Woo Yeon tended his broken heart and formed a successful career. His life was going smoothly till he was reminded of his past again. He got the wedding invitation to his first love’s wedding. Check out Park Bo Young’s and Kim Young Kwang’s extraordinary chemistry in the film on Rakuten Viki, Prime Video, and Tubi.

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