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Top 10 Shoto Todoroki Quotes That Might Surprise You

Top 10 Shoto Todoroki Quotes
Shoto Todoroki

Shoto Todoroki is the protagonist of the My Hero Academia anime and manga series. He is a U.A. High School student studying to become a Pro Hero. His words are as sharp as a knife, and they sting a lot, but he speaks the truth. Keep reading till the end of the post because we’ve created a collection of some of Todoroki’s most famous quotes that you might find interesting. He was admitted to U.A. on the basis of official recommendations. Midoriya’s second-best buddy as well as a friendly competitor. He is Endeavor’s youngest son and the younger brother, including both Fuyumi and Natsuo Todoroki, as well as Toya Todoroki, AKA Dabi the elder brother and archenemy. Shoto had a chilly and distant demeanor initially, preferring to remain to oneself instead of interacting with his friends and concentrating on the work.

Shoto isn’t blatantly nasty, despite his chilly demeanor, and his aloof behavior is most likely a consequence of his troubled family life and growing away from his brothers. Given that his fire talents were acquired from his violent father, Endeavor, Shoto despised the fire half of his Quirk. He even goes so far as to entirely reject his fire abilities by refusing to utilize them and creating his first outfit by coating his entire left side in ice. Shoto despises his father for assaulting him and keeping him isolated from his brothers, as well as torturing his mother to the point of mental illness.

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1. “Never Forget Who You Want To Become.”

Since we all know how painful Todoroki’s childhood was and how it moulded his attitude, he continually says cruel things to people, which aren’t totally true, but the harsh truth he says, he seeks out getaways to help him forget about his troublesome past. This remark speaks a lot about himself and how he strives to keep focused on what he wants to do. It may also be used as motivation for others to remember who they are and what they want to achieve no matter what. what he desires and who he aspires to be His inspirational speech is very motivating because he understands what he’s speaking about; he’s lived the hard truth and knows what’s right and what is wrong.

Top 10 Shoto Todoroki Quotes

Shoto Todoroki

2. “If You’re Going To Rely On Words Alone, Then They Better Be Incredibly Powerful.”

Todoroki’s thesis is based on the idea that words are only valuable in a battle if they can have some form of emotional effect on the adversary. Finally, he advocates for being silent and concentrating on the tasks at hand. If your actions do not match your words, it is a waste, according to Todoroki. If you’re only going to say something instead of proving it with your actions, those words better are strong and have some type of impact, and we’ve seen Todoroki’s words go into people’s heads, so he does.

Top 10 Shoto Todoroki Quotes

Shoto Todoroki

3. “I Will Win With My Mom’s Power Alone.”

We’ve seen the hatred that Todoroki harbors for his father; he always takes his mother’s side and cares for her, but we’ve seldom seen him care for his father. He understands that the only way to move on from his past is to accept it, and he does his best to do so. Despite the fact that using both his “Cold” and “Hot” sides will indeed make him a much relatively strong fighter, he chose to only use his “cold” side, which he inherited from his mother. Everything that has transpired in the past has caused him to despise his father, and he is not an easy forgiver, despite the fact that we will see him caring a little for his father as we move forward in the series.

Top 10 Shoto Todoroki Quotes

Shoto Todoroki

4. “Get A Hold Of Yourself. You’re An Adult, Aren’t You?”

Todoroki has spoken many brutal lines throughout the anime, and this is one of the greatest. When it comes to persons his age or any high schooler, Shoto comes across as a lot more mature individual. He’s not only physically stronger, but he’s also psychologically powerful, and he’s in control of his emotions. He also scorns those who are unable to manage their emotions, are easily persuaded or have given up on life. People, he believes, should be able to regulate their actions, and if they perceive themselves to be adults, they should act accordingly.

5. “I Want… To Be A Hero, Too…!”

During one of Todoroki’s difficult battles with Deku, he observes that his opponent is attempting to provoke him into using all of his abilities. The crowd is perplexed, but Todoroki is only distracted for a little while. In the following quote, he applauds Deku’s ambitious goal while also openly announcing his eagerness to become a hero. It’s clear how strong Todoroki is and how he has overcome his traumatic past. He aspires to be the strongest in the world, and while fighting Deku, he asserts that you are not the only one, exhibiting his desperation to become a hero.

Top 10 Shoto Todoroki Quotes

Shoto Todoroki

6. “Isn’t It A Hero’s Job To Save People?”

Deku, Iida, and Todoroki are reprimanded by police chief Kenji Tsuragamae for utilizing their Quirks without a license after they defeat Stain. “Isn’t it a hero’s role to help people?” Todoroki insists on doing the right thing.
Tsuragamae appears to agree in the end, as he personally thanks them for what they did despite the fact that they broke the law. This demonstrates that he cared about others, and as an aspiring hero, he believes he is responsible for saving people’s lives, making him more popular among admirers.

7. “Whether That is Good, Bad, Or Something In Between… That is Something I’ll Have To Think About.”

Mostly because of Endeavor’s abuse of his family, Shoto has never had a close relationship with his father. When Shoto runs into Endeavor as he exits the arena, the two have numerous awkward moments, such as when Endeavor compliments Todoroki’s performance at the Sports Festival. Endeavor cautions him to keep his left side’s energy production under control. Endeavor offers Shoto to work with him once he graduates from U.A. High School, and he accepts. Shoto claims that he only unleashed his fire because he forgot concerning Endeavor during the battle. He goes away after telling his father he doesn’t need him.

Top 10 Shoto Todoroki Quotes

Shoto Todoroki

8. “Bring Your Best, Midoriya. I’m Taking You Down.”

This fight was entertaining to witness since both competitors were putting up their best efforts to demonstrate their talents. Todoroki intended to show that he was the finest fighter by defeating Deku. Shoto begins the duel with a freezing move, which Izuku counterattacks with a Delaware Smash, which splits the ice wave apart. To keep from being blasted out of limits, Shoto forms an ice barrier behind him. He validates his suspicion that Izuku is prepared to break himself to defend himself against his attacks. Shoto continues to bombard Izuku with ice, forcing his opponent to shatter another of his fingers in order to neutralize it.

9. “I Know Just How Much Grudges Like That Can Cloud A Person’s Vision.”

“I’ve had my eye on you. Because all of your accumulated resentment was written over your face. I know that when I see it. And I know just how much grudges like that… can cloud a person’s vision.” Todoroki notices Tenya Iida’s evident displeasure at his brother getting attacked by Stain, a supervillain, and encourages him not to convert it into a grudge since it will lead him away from his purpose and obscure his view or ideas, preventing him from properly processing things. Todoroki reflects on his own history and believes that such grudges are futile since they merely serve to “fog one’s judgment” instead of assisting one in fulfilling one’s aspirations or destiny. If you have to battle, fight with your spirit rather than nursing a grudge, and those were powerful statements.

Top 10 Shoto Todoroki Quotes

Shoto Todoroki

10. “It is not your fault, we’re just playing on different levels.”

Todoroki is usually quiet and reserved, but with this remark, he shows his true colors. He isn’t afraid to tell someone when he thinks he is better than them; he is proud of himself, which he has achieved through hard work. It’s not nasty; rather, it’s brutally honest, and his words have a significant influence on people. Not to mention, he is one of U.A. High School’s most gifted students. He’s seen a lot in his life, and most of it has been a tragedy, so growing up in such a sad environment has shaped him into someone who looks to be too mature for his age or the people around him. People like him not only because he is powerful but also because he tells the truth.

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