Top 10 Anime With Strong Male Lead Having Insane Power And Survival Instinct!

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Anime With Strong Male Lead That Has Insane Power
Top 10 Anime With Strong Male Lead That Has Insane Power And Survival Instinct!

Viewers enjoy anime for various type of developments that includes characters, plot, design, animation, etc. Every viewer has a personal preference, and to their liking, they enjoy those anime. Today we will be talking about the anime that consists of a strong male lead. It’s easy to assume that when start talking about strong male leads, then, of course, this list consists of the most popular genre of the anime, and that is “Shonen”. The anime that we will be listing in this article will have a male lead that is strong for many reasons, and their growth in the anime is insane and does not stop.

The thing about a strong male lead anime is that the whole plot is based around one particular character. Most of them have a tragic backstory and a reason to get even stronger. The motivation that these anime characters encourages are superficial and uplifts the viewers. Some moments in these animes are so strong that will make you cheer for the character. Although there are some anime that consists of strong male lead for the sole reason of gag. And the story in these anime is developed out of this character however, it is always the male lead that comes in to save the day.

Well, that’s enough intro talk. Without further ado, let’s see the list of top 10 anime with a strong male lead with insane power.

1) Bleach

I’m starting the list of the strong male lead in anime with Beach because it has all the aspects mentioned in the intro. The male lead Ichigo has always been a strong and rowdy guy. Furthermore, One Incident in his life changes him forever, which makes him keep on getting stronger and stronger. As you will watch the anime, you’ll wonder if there will be a limit to a 15-year-old boy achieving great heights in combat. But no, Ichigo keeps on getting stronger and stronger.

Bleach - An anime with a strong male lead
Kurosaki Ichigo

The plot of the anime is about a high school boy named Kurosaki Ichigo who has sworn to protect his family and friends at any cost. At night a Hollow (dark spirits that devour human souls) attacks his family, but Rukia Kuchiki a girl who is a Soul Reaper, gives him her power in order to protect his family. After this incident, he is tasked with exorcising Hollows after Rukia has lost her powers. His life as a Soul Reaper begins, and a new adventure begins where his few classmates help him.

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2) Chrome Shelled Regios

The male lead in this anime is the epitome of being the strongest in the anime. In a post-apocalyptic world, the humanity in this anime is forced to live in mobile regions. Furthermore, to defend themselves from the filth monsters, they have to learn to use a special weapon called Dite by harnessing the power of Kei. Enter our main character Layfon Alseif who is hoping to start a new life in the academy city of Zuellin and forget his past.

Chrome Shelled Regios Anime Poster
Chrome Shelled Regios Characters

However, his past is discovered by the mysterious girls that are working on a project who thinks that Layfon might be the perfect candidate. His journey then begins, and his powers only get stronger. Chrome Shelled Regios is a perfect anime with a strong male lead with insane powers.

3) Hamatora

Hamatora anime consists not only of a strong male lead, but it also consists of the most coolest anime male lead. The story revolves around a 17-year-old teenager who runs a detective agency with his partner. In this world, there are people who possess supernatural abilities, and they are trained in a school. “Nice,” the head of the detective agency “Hamatora” and his partner Murasaki awaits their new client in their office, and their mysterious life only gets more interesting.

Hamatora Anime
Hamatora; Nice

Nice is a really strong character. The fact that he does not care about money is really cool. Furthermore, his relationship with his partner is heartwarming. Two seasons with 12 episodes each of Hamatora is a must-watch and time well spent.

4) Higashi no Eden

Higashi no Eden or Eden of the East is an anime with a strong male lead without any superpowers. In this anime, you will see the development of the character in the real world and political thrill. This anime will give a sense of how you can be a strong figure in the real world.

Higashi no Eden Anime with strong male lead
Higashi no Eden

After being saved by an unexpected incident, Saki’s life is changed when she meets Akira Takizawa, who is odd and suffers from amnesia. Furthermore, he possesses a cell phone with 8.2 billion yen. Without knowing, Saki befriends Akira and their involvement in a death game revolving around money, similar cell phones, and political affairs of the world. The plot anime will keep you on the edge of your seat, making you wonder what will happen next.

5) Kaze no Stigma

Kaze no Stigma anime features a strong male lead character who has gotten stronger for his own purpose. Born in a noble household, Kazuma Yagami is the only one who cannot use his powers correctly, and due to that reason, he has left the home in order to train and get stronger. Upon his return after four years, he finds out that his family has been murdered, and to make matter worse, the suspicion of murder has fallen on him.

Kaze no Stigma; Anime
Kaze no Stigma; Anime

Kazuma’s journey to find redemption and prove his innocence then begins by finding the murderer begins. Unfortunately, the writer of the series had an unfortunate death and due to that, the story was not completed. Thus, the story has an abrupt ending but is still a must-watch.

6) Heavy Object

When the main character changes the law of the living world, then I guess we can that it is a strong character. That is how strong our male lead is in Heavy Object anime. The plot of the anime is consist of warfare with tank-like machines (mechs) as a weapon. Enter our main character Qwenthur Barbotage a student who is studying Objects (mechs) alongside Havia Winchell, changes the world of warfare that relies on the strength of the mechs.

Heavy Object Anime With Strong Male Lead
Heavy Object Anime

Our main character is smart and fast, after getting into a situation where it did not seem any hope, Qwenthur manages to get out and saves the day.

7) Needless

Needless anime has a strong male lead with awesome powers that include inhuman strength and healing abilities. The plot is 50 years after world war 3 in the 2100s, where nuclear bombs have left a lot of regions filled with radiation. The regions are called black spots, and people living in them have developed uncanny abilities known as “fragments”. Among them is our main character, “Adam Blade”. The anime has a good plot, and you will enjoy watching the 24 episodes that it has.

Needless Anime Poster
Needless Anime Poster

8) The Legend of the Legendary Heroes

This anime has the main character, which is typical for shonen possessing a unique ability and the host of a devil. The story follows the Ryner Lute, a mage who is on a journey to find relics of legendary heroes from the past. On his journey, he is aided by a beautiful swordsman named Ferris Eris. While searching for the relics, he founds a deadly curse that is spreading throughout the nation and as well as the mystery behind his power, “Alpha Stigma,” the eyes that allow him to analyze any type of Magic. You will love the journey of this strong male lead in the Legend of the Legendary Heroes anime.

The Legend of the Legendary Heroes: Anime
The Legend of the Legendary Heroes

9) Megalo Box

If you love the uprising of the main character, then you will love the anime Megalo Box which consists of a strong male lead who does not give up. The story is set in a futuristic Japan that follows a boy named Junk Dog, who is making his way up in the Megalo Boxing world (a method of boxing with mechanical limbs that makes boxing even deadlier). The Uprising of Junk Dog is motivating, and watching him make getting to the top in the criminal world is inspiring.

Megalo Box Anime With Strong Male Lead
Megalo Box

10) Phantom: Requiem For A Phantom

The anime has an awesome plot, and only a strong character can survive such a plot. A 15-year-old boy is kidnapped after witnessing a murder and is forced to live his life as an assassin after being brainwashed. After being an assassin, the boy is called Zwei, and in this world of untrust, we can only trust Zwei and his killer instincts. The anime has only 13 episodes, but the journey of Zwei in the short span is thrilling. Phantom: Requiem For A Phantom is an anime with a strong male lead that is a must-watch.

Phantom Requiem For A Phantom anime with strong male lead
Phantom: Requiem For A Phantom

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