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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 227: Release Date, Spoilers & Recap

Tokyo Revengers Manga

The brawl between Three Deities begins with Tokyo Revengers Chapter 227, with Kantou Manji & BRAHMAN vs. Rokuhara Gang. Tokyo Revengers had recently begun its brawl after Draken got killed by Rokuhara members. This will reveal the Dynamic Duo that punished Rokuhara members. From the latest Tokyo Revenger Chapter, the battle continues with Takeomi charging towards Rokuhara leader South. Waka and Benkei had also joined the battle thrashing everyone in front of them. Mikey is composed relaxing while allowing the boys to take care of the business.

South shows an angry face since he is fighting with chickens, and Mikey does not make his move since South wasn’t there to settle the scores with Mikey. Both sides exchange massive punches killing each other to death, but some use weapons to pierce their opponents. The Grand Brawl Of Three Deities had begun earlier before its actual date since BRAHMAN, and Kantou Manji can’t sit quietly when Draken is not alive. This revealed the members taking each other to their limits and sending each other flying after exchanging barrages.

Rokuhara feels like they are not getting the challenge they want and wonders if Kantou Manji members have become weak since they do not satisfy their interests. Rokuhara is well known for their strength, and they are S6 Generation with strength from another level. Later during the battle, we saw 100 Rokuhara’s men crawling on the ground, and the Dynamic Duo is on their feet like they were warming up. Benkei and Waka are the Dynamic Duos that punished those guys who are crawling on the ground. Benkei had noticed that Takeomi wouldn’t turn back. South was impressed to see that the Dynamic Duo had defeated 100 Rokuhara members.

Previously on Tokyo Revengers Chapter 226

This became interesting since the Greatest is living up to its name, making South level up his powers. The rest of the guys beaten to bloody pulp wonder if the Duo has used a truck to run over them. Their power is unbelievable, leaving the Rokuhara members with a lot of questions and how they are still standing after an intense battle. Some of the questions were how are those monsters still staying calm. Benkei and Waka had become challenging for South. Senju also had her say about the Dynamic Duo, and Takemichi learned something about Benkei and Waka.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 227

Tokyo Revengers

It was revealed that before the First Generation of Black Dragon rose, the Dynamic Duo split the Kantou region. Takemichi was shocked to learn that Benkei and Waka are the ones who are responsible for that. Senju reveals about the West and East parts of Kantou. The West part had 600 members that fall under a gang knows as Ragnarok that controls big gangs. They were under the leadership of a guy called Red Cliff, who once went through a bloody battle and got soaked in blood. Red Cliff’s true identity is Arashi Keizou and was the president of Ragnorok.

Senju also revealed the history of Ragnorock and Red Cliff and twelve Eastern Kantou merging to create Koudou Rengou. White Leopard was the leader of Koudou Rengou, and he was the most feared man. White Leopard is revealed to be Imaushi Wakasa, but the two gangs end up having a brawl. Takemichi is impressed that Benkei and Waka were big names. Senjou reveals that Kantou later reunited, and it’s all thanks to Sanoshin Ichiro. Benkei and Waka analyze the battle, but they also want to get their hands on Mikey.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 227 Release Date

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 227 will be released on 20 October 2021. Waka realizes that South is on par with Mikey’s strength, and they must not underestimate those guys. The brawl between Three Deities is for every man for himself since both gangs want to take over. But Takemichi had to come with a solution since he wanted to save Mikey and the two are in different gangs. South is ready to face the Legends as Waka and Benkei attack him, and that is how the chapter ends. Let’s look at Tokyo Revengers Chapter 227 official updates below.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 227

Tokyo Revengers

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Read Tokyo Revengers Chapter 227 Online – Raw Details

You will be able to read Tokyo Revengers Chapter 227 online on other platforms. Tokyo Revengers Manga is yet to reveal its official website, but the new chapter arrives every Wednesday. Tokyo Revengers sometimes arrives early. The spoilers of Tokyo Revengers’ latest chapter release a day before or when the manga release the recent chapter. Let’s meet when Tokyo Revengers Chapter 227 releases this coming week, and Dynamic Duo vs. South will continue from there.

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