Tokyo Ghoul: re Season 2 News, Update

Tokyo Ghoul :re Season 2

We all had it coming, Tokyo Ghoul: re Season 2 News, Update was announced via this week’s Shounen Jump Magazine’s cover page. With episode 10 aired this week, we are just 2 episodes away from the end of season 1. The question is, considering how underwhelming Tokyo ghoul’s anime adaptation has been, is there a chance for improvement in season 2 for Re?

Tokyo Ghoul: re Season 2

Tokyo Ghoul: re Season 2

Things we know so far

Tokyo Ghoul: re Season 2

It is safe to assume that Studio Pierrot (same guys that animated previous installments of TG & are currently working on Boruto & Black Clover) will be in charge for further adaptations of Tokyo Ghoul. Basically, they already have their hands full at this point. So don’t get your hopes up. However, one thing we do know is season 2 for Tokyo Ghoul: re is definitely going to be action packed with 2 of the most epic fight scenes in the story. So yeah, all the disappointment about how lackluster Tokyo Ghoul: re was in terms of action sequences will at least be rectified to a degree in the upcoming season.

 Future of Tokyo Ghoul as an anime

Tokyo Ghoul: re Season 2

Tokyo Ghoul is a fascinating story as a source material. However, coming up with a good adaptation of such stories as anime, resolving problems like censorship and presentation obstacles is close to impossible. The essence of the manga is really non- existent in the anime. We cannot just blame animation staff considering how difficult the job is(But they did mess it up honestly speaking). So don’t expect much from the anime. It’s out there simply as a promotion for manga. The only reason to watch anime is simply appreciating the voice acting & great soundtracks it has.

How to thoroughly enjoy Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul: re Season 2

This one is really a no-brainer but yeah, I’ll say it. READ THE MANGA!!! (which I’m sure many hardcore fans are already doing in the first place ). Just start reading it right from the start. You’ll realize how poor & improvised anime narration is. A huge chunk of the story is straight off chopped & fitted into TG root A & TG. Character interactions are much impactful and believable. you’ll be surprised how great the ending of TG root A could have been but sadly didn’t. Let us know your thoughts about Tokyo Ghoul: re as an anime.

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