Tokyo Ghoul Re Chapter 169 Spoilers

TG Re chapter 169

Tokyo Ghoul re is getting exciting by each passing chapter, and we’re going even deeper into the action this week. In the previous chapter, we saw Kaneki and Ayato go deeper into the giant mass in order to find the oviduct. However, due to an outgrowth of some creatures, Ayato had to stay behind, while Kaneki moved on forward.

On the other hand, CCG’s unit that was fighting against the Owl was wiped out, and only half of those who were fighting survived. However, a good thing was that Hide figured out that the Owl was being controlled from somewhere nearby. This is where Hinami came in, and she located the group with her tracking abilities.

Re chapter 169

We got a look at Donato Porpora and other members who were there with him. Surprisingly, Amon came out of nowhere, and he attacked Donato. He has a huge past with him, considering the fact that he was at the church where Donato ate children. It was a fated face-off, and I can’t be more hyped for it. But it’s not the only one that we have on our hands right now. Renji Yomo also made his appearance in front of the group, and he is going to face-off against Uta.

Tokyo Ghoul Re chapter 169

We still don’t know what, or who Uta really is. He has always been a big mystery, so I’m expecting a lot of coverage on his story soon. Yomo and Uta also have history, and everyone knows that already. It has been teased forever, and now we finally get a chance to explore all that as we see the two face-offs.

In next week’s Tokyo Ghoul re chapter, I expect the two to fight. Amon will also be fighting against Donato Porpora and that’s what excites me the most. Ayato’s bit seems to interest me a little as well. We’ll get to see how he faces against so many enemies. On the other hand, Suzuya will go all out, since he activated his Arata in the last episode in order to protect those who were close to him. I’m really hyped for the next chapter of Tokyo Ghoul re, and I think it’ll be very exciting to see where the next chapter leads us all to.

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