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To Your Eternity Episode 17: Preview and Recap

To Your Eternity

A monstrous boy’s story has arrived at the final stage; losing the past was very costly for Fushi. Fushi has gained March’s agility, Gugu’s fire-breathing, Oniguma’s might, but he can’t use that powers combined. He begins to struggle during the battle against the returning Nokkers. But the citizens of Jananda Island came to Fushi’s aid. The Nokkers got defeated, and Fushi reclaimed his past. Let’s see how Fushi’s journey continues in the recent updates of To Your Eternity. The island has become the school that guided Fushi to his growth as a person. The episode title is ”The Children’s Dreams.”

After defeating the Nokkers, Tonari decided to hold a banquet and told everyone they celebrated their victory. The villagers enjoy drinking and eating. The little girl who approaches Fushi the first time he arrives at the island confronts him again. The girl uses the same lines, ”Drink this, Mister Immortal. She offers Fushi cow’s blood and finds that he is drinking that first jar he refused earlier. The girl is glad that Mister Immortal is drinking, and she gave him another jar. A chubby blonde boy told Fushi to tell them his story.

The red-haired girl told Fushi to narrate the story that the ”Man In Black” said. Fushi reveals that when he transforms into a person or animal he had met before who died, the MIB said the Nokkers are here to take those forms away from him. Nokkers looks like a monstrous rock bear because it had taken the state of the bear away from Fushi. Tonari realizes that Fushi possesses the ability to turn into a bear. The boys are impresses that a monstrous boy saves people instead of eating them as other monsters do.

Previously on To Your Eternity Episode 16

The red-haired girl asks Fushi if he can defeat the Nokkers by transforming into one of them. Fushi replies that he has never tried that before, but the Nokkers aren’t what they are thinking.¬† One of the guys asks if the MIB is controlling Fushi and Fushi replies that he is doing what MIB says since he doesn’t want to forget people. The girls wonder if Fushi has dreams for the future. Fushi said that he wishes to singlehandedly defeat the Nokkers.

To Your Eternity

To Your Eternity

The girl said she is talking about something extraordinary since her dream is to become a model for a famous artist. Fushi realizes that there is more that he doesn’t know about, and he needs time to learn. They both wishes they can leave this island and set for a new life. The chubby guy thinks he will get tons of animals and satisfy his belly if they depart here. One of the girls says she wants to become a doctor. The one that gave Fushi cow’s blood comments that her dream had already get granted.

The boys ask her what was her dreams snd she replies that she wanted to know where the sun comes from, and it comes from the ocean. The red-haired girl comments that Oupa was born on this island and didn’t know the outside world. Fushi asks Tonari about her dreams. Tonari replies that it is to surprises her father. The next day Fushi had a battle with a powerful lady that cut Parona’s head in the past. The match continues, but the lady TKO Fushi is using a poisoned needle.

To Your Eternity Episode 17 Release Date

To Your Eternity: Episode 17 date is Monday, 9 August 2021, at 10:50 PM. The anime will continue with its weekly release until it reaches the episode finale. To get the episode early, we advise you to convert the time above since the times in countries are different. To Your Eternity will conclude soon with only three episodes left. Let’s look at what the preview has to offer below.

Wher To Watch To Your Eternity Episode 17?

You can watch To Your Eternity Episode 17 online on Crunchyroll,¬†ANIPLUS, and other official websites. To Your Eternity has its official websites and Twitter accounts where the lates news and updates about the anime get updates. The latest episode of To Your Eternity and the previous one are available online with English subtitles. Let’s meet when To Your Eternity releases a new episode; you can look at Preview And Recap: To Your Eternity Episode 16.

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