‘Thirty-Nine’ Episode 11 Release Date: Mi Jo And Seon Woon Go On A Romantic Golfing Trip

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Thirty-Nine episode 11
Thirty-Nine episode 11

After defending a friend’s dream, Mi Jo breaks down and falls to the ground. In ‘Thirty-Nine’ Episode 11, Seon Woon runs to Mi Jo as she falls sick and takes care of her as long as she needs. Later, instead of dropping her home, both of them go camping.

The next day, as Joo Hee accidentally meets her chef friend, she tells him that she is going to work. Later, when he calls her store, he finds out that she has quit her job. At the end of the day, he decides to hire her as a part-timer. Will their relationship grow with time?

What Happened In ‘Thirty-Nine’ Episode 10?

In ‘Thirty-Nine’ Episode 10, till now, we have seen that Chan Young’s mother meets Jin Seok. She thinks that he is her daughter’s boyfriend. They all have a nice time together, and Mi Jo and Joo Hee also come over. Mi jo leaves her camping trip in between to come back to Seol as Joo Hee quits her job. She is concerned for her, but she is also happy that she took a stand herself. Later, Jin Seok’s wife comes over, and Mi Jo drags her away from Chan Young’s apartment.

After she successfully takes her away, she requests her to leave. However, Ji Seok’s wife is in no mood to hear anything, and she starts walking towards Chan Young’s place again. To stop her, Mi Jo gets down on her knees and apologizes for her actions. She tells her that she can slap her if she wants, but to please leave right now. Seeing Mi Jo so miserable and desperate, Jin Seok’s wife decides not to do anything. The moment she leaves, Mi Jo faints and hits the ground. Luckily, Seon Woon is to there help her out. He takes her to the hospital and tends to her overnight.

Mi Jo and Seon Woon goes camping
Mi Jo and Seon Woon goes camping

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Joo Here’s Resignation Party

Joo Hee crosses the Chinatown restaurant as usual, and she meets the chef outside. Not knowing what to do, she tells him that she is going to work. However, when Hyun Joon calls her departmental store, he finds out that she does not work there anymore. As Joo Hee is enjoying a hot cup of coffee on the terrace of the departmental store, Mi Jo tells her to come to the Chinatown restaurant at 8:00 p.m. also she tells her that Hyun Joon has invited them to celebrate Joo Hee’s Resignation.

‘Thirty-Nine’ Episode 11 Preview

After enjoying herself for one afternoon, Joo Hee is offered to work as a part-timer at the China town restaurant. At first, she hesitates but quickly gets comfortable in the role. Later, when Mi Jo and Chang Young find out about this, they are extremely excited. Moreover, they expect that she must have a bigger plan in her mind, but her answer disappoints them. Also, Seon Woon’s sister So Won moves back into her orphanage. She does not have anywhere else to go as she wants to cut ties with her father. When she goes to the director of the orphanage, she tells her that she wants to pay back her father all the money that he has spent on her.

Joo Hee's new job
Joo Hee’s new job

‘Thirty-Nine’ Episode 11 Release Date

‘Thirty-Nine’ Episode 11 will release on 30th March 2022. Mi Jo and Chan Young go for a walk after dinner. Chan Young plans to go golfing with Mi Jo and Seon Woo, but when Mi Jo finds out that her boyfriend is a single-digit player, her competitive nature pulls her back. She refuses the plan and changes the topic on Joo Hoo. She tells Chan Young not to worry about their friend so much as she can find a guy for herself. Later, she asks her what it is that she really wants to do. Instead of answering this question, Chan Young changes the topic, which shows her grief.

Watch ‘Thirty-Nine’ Episode 11 Online- Streaming Details

The South Korean drama ‘Thirty-Nine’ is a television series broadcast by jTBC channel. People living in South Korea can watch the upcoming Episodes of ‘Thirty-Nine’ on the official network. As for the international fans, they can watch ‘Thirty-Nine’ episode 11 on the international streaming website Netflix.

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